Tuesday 160315

Row 2000 Meters
Rest 3 minutes
Row 1500 Meters
Rest 2 minutes
Row 1000 Meters
Rest 1 minute
Row 500 Meters

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AWS letting that hair whip during some burpees.

AWS letting that hair whip during some burpees.

A full night of sleep is one of those things that is sometimes difficult for me to achieve.  I’ve tried all the supplements that most people recommend and some may work for a time, they eventually all just result in me wasting money for little to no result.  I came across an article that approaches the lack of sleep from a different angle.  How to get through the day on little to no sleep.

Below are a few tips to help you have as productive a day as you can on little to no sleep.  Click HERE for the full article and additional tips that will help you on those days where you didn’t get quite enough sleep.

1. Veto Coffee.  Coffee has the tendency to jack up our stress hormones, which exacerbates the less-than-ideal condition of exhaustion. Plus, coffee can suppress appetite, encouraging you to rely on its “fake”form of energy instead of real nourishmnet from food.  (this one is personally very hard for me to do so perhaps you’ll have better luck than me)

If you’re die-hard about having it, drink a small cup paired with a healthy fat or protein. Adding a little almond or coconut milk can also mitigate some of the jittery effects.

2. Make this refreshing concoction instead.
OK, this is technically something to do the night before, but I swear by it. In the evening, steep 2 cups of hot water with your favorite herbal tea, add the juice from one half of a lemon, and 1 to 2 drops stevia (optional). Refrigerate overnight, and this cooling, hydrating beverage will invigorate you in the a.m.

Caffeine isn’t the only way to be energized. Check out the uplifting benefits of some of my favorite herbal teas:

Ginger’s “zing” factor wakes up your senses.
Licorice has been shown to replenish the adrenals, which can increase energy.
Rosehip and gingko can also have a rejuvenating effect.
3. Blast your favorite upbeat music.
When you wake up, switch your phone off the airplane mode setting (that you should be using while you sleep!) and hit play on your favorite Spotify jam. When you’re feeling crummy, hearing a song you love can instantly boost your mood and put a reluctant smile on your face. It’s like getting tickled, but in your ears.

4. Take a shower and finish with 30 seconds of cold water.
If you can bear it, a short stint in a cold shower will get your blood flowing and increase your alertness. Bonus: Cold showers have also been shown to improve your tolerance to stress and boost circulation. And really, you can do anything for 30 seconds!

The above was taken from an article on the website, Greatist.com.  If you’re not familiar with this site, it has great content about all things exercise, nutrition, and many other topics that resonate with our type of interests.  


  1. Rob B :

    my favorite non-caffeinated energizer:
    1 piece fresh ginger roughly size of the end of your thumb
    1 piece fresh turmeric roughly size of end of your pinkie (caution: this stuff stains)
    butter 1/2-1 tbsp
    fresh lime juice to taste (1 slice works for me)

    grate giner & turmeric, steep in boiling water, strain, add butter and lime.

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