Tuesday 160322

15 Rounds:
Row 100 meters
Rest 90 seconds between efforts

*Score is fastest and slowest interval times

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Nate looking good overhead but the floor looking even better.

Nate looking good overhead but the floor looking even better.

One of the reasons I really enjoy taking classes at Verve is because all you have to do is show up and everything is planned for you.  You don’t have to come up with a warm up or worry about modifications or scaling movements, the coaches have everything figured out ahead of time.  This leads to a lower risk of injury and it’s also less that you have to think about over the course of your day.  There were times back in the globo gym days where I could spend hours a at the gym and get nothing accomplished because I was left to my own planning.  I wouldn’t have a plan for the warm up which in turn made the workout less intense because I wasn’t as warmed up as I should have been.  

I see this happen a lot in open gym.  People come into the gym and rather than give themselves a proper warm up they immediately begin going into some complex movements.  Not so much with our members but with people that drop in to Verve.  One of the goals of a warm up is to limit the risk of injury.  

The warm up doesn’t have to be super intense but should simply be used to warm your heart rate and body up, begin to get you ready for whatever movements you are going to do in your workout and make sure to put your body through a similar range of motion.

If you are one of the those people that comes into the gym during an open gym session, make sure you take the above information into account when you are planning your warm up.  Think about the workout you are going to perform and structure a warm up that will elevate your heart rate and body temp as well as put you through similar range of motions you are going to experience in the workout.  The last thing you want is high intensity without having warmed up properly.  My favorite thing to hear in a warm up is when someones asks;  “what is this the workout?”  It tells me that they are pushing themselves to the point where all the factors I look for in a warm up are being reached.  

If you don’t know what to do for a warm up be sure and ask one of the coaches at the gym for suggestions.  We’ve warmed up just about every movement you can think of so we can definitely give you some suggestions to make your warm up more successful and thereby making your workout that much more beneficial.   

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