Tuesday 160329

4 Rounds:
With a 3 minute clock:
Row 30(22) calories
With remaining time
As many reps of as possible of:
Shoulder to overhead 115#(75#)
Rest 2 minute between efforts

Score is total shoulder to overhead reps

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Phil is either having a good time here or having a really bad time here...

Phil is either having a good time here or having a really bad time here…


CrossFit Verve introduces:  VERVE SPRINT
Now that we are in our new space, we want to continue the excitement by introducing a brand new class.  Verve Sprint is a class designed for athletes who want the high-intensity, constantly-varied, functional movements of CrossFit but don’t share the same excitement as some about the complex barbell movements. Classes will include body weight movements, rowing, running, jumping/plyometrics, medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, and whatever other things we can come up with, in longer metcon formats. Verve Sprint is still CrossFit and we will continue to develop the 10 general physical skills: Cardiovascular Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy, there will simply be limited barbell involvement. 
What will a Verve Sprint class look like? 
The classes are 45 minutes long and will include a warm-up, movement review, and an intense workout ranging from 15-30 minutes.
Who would be interested in Verve Sprint?  
– Any experienced CrossFitter that has a preference for the the longer, higher-intensity workouts on a more regular basis
-Those new to the CrossFit methodologies looking for some consistency in the foundational movements
-Anyone, veteran or new, that cherry picks those heavy lifting days or Olympic lifting days and just wants to sweat
When will Verve Sprint be offered? 
MondayFriday at 5:45am, MondayThursday at 5:15pm and 6:15pm.  Verve Sprint will be taking the place of our current Skilz class.  
*We will be starting Verve Sprint April 18th.  From April 18th through the end of the month of April, current Verve members are welcome to join Verve Sprint classes to see what they are all about. Starting Monday May 2nd, if you are interested in continuing to participate in Verve Sprint, current Verve members can add unlimited Verve Sprint classes to their membership for $15 per month.  If you are interested in taking ONLY Verve Sprint classes you may update your Verve membership to a Verve Sprint Only membership for $80/month. 
-Access to unlimited WODs, open gym times, and unlimited Sprint = current Verve membership + $15 per month 
-Access to unlimited Sprint only (no WODs and no open gym) = $80 per month
Please email courtney@crossfitverve.com for questions regarding couple’s membership pricing and/ or any additional pricing questions.
What if I am not a Verve member and I have never done CrossFit before but I want to do Verve Sprint?  
No problem at all!  First, just to ensure you are familiar with the movements, we will schedule a 1 hour movement review and assessment session with you to prepare you for the workouts.  After that session is completed, you can start a Verve Sprint Only membership for $80/month for unlimited Verve Sprint classes.
Please email annam@crossfitverve.com for questions regarding the set-up, design, and structure of the new Sprint classes.


  1. Charles :

    As someone who cherry picks many barbell days due to mobility issues/pain this might be right up my alley. Thanks for offering something new and complimentary to the regular programming.

  2. Kacey :

    If memory serves, I think Phil was in between slamming beers, so I think he had a pretty good time LOL.

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