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Oh, Wheelie? Bike shop next to Verve.

Oh, Wheelie? Bike shop next to Verve.

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The cool thing about moving into a new space is now we have some new neighbors.  I’m going to use the blog to spotlight some businesses that are near our location that I think might be useful to our members.

The first business I’m going to talk about is the bike shop Oh, Wheelie?.  They are located at the end of Larimer St  across Downing.  Just walk out the front door of Verve and look to your left and you’ll see their big metal sign featured in the picture above.    

Given all the construction around our new location and this construction being directly in my and many others bike commutes, it was inevitable that I was going to run over something and end up with a flat tire.  It took me less than 2 weeks of riding my bike to Verve for this to happen.  I decided that I would take my bike over to Oh, Wheelie? and have them take a look and fix whatever needed to be fixed.

Leeman, the owner of the shop, was super pleasant and had time to take care of my repair right when I walked in. He has a great set up with bike parts as well as bikes for sale.  There are also some vintage pinball games too!  I would have been perfectly fine with a simple fix of the tire, but Leeman took the time to look over my entire bike and basically gave my bike a tune up it so desperately needed.  In complete transparency, I bought the bike online and put it together myself, so I’m pretty sure it was only about 80% correct. Leeman made adjustments to the bike that make the bike seem like it’s brand new.  

I know the weather is beginning to get nice and many of us will be riding our bikes to the gym.  If you have any issues with your bike and need a friendly local shop to take a look, I recommend walking over to Oh, Wheelie?  and having Leeman work on your bikes.  

As a side note, we are also working on getting more bike racks in front of Verve.  I know there isn’t really a great spot to lock your bikes up but we are working on having some racks installed.  

If you have a local business that you think should be spotlighted, please email me, eric@crossfitverve.com.

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