Tuesday 160614

20 Minutes to work to a heavy complex of:
1 Hang power clean + 1 power clean

then every minute on the minute for 7 minutes
3 Hang power cleans @ 65% of today’s heaviest complex

Post weight to BTWB

Josh taking care of some accessory work!

Josh taking care of some accessory work!

Reminder that this coming weekend we are hosting the CrossFit Football Seminar on Saturday and Sunday.  We have reserved the track at Manual High School from 9:00 am – 11:00 am for both days.  We won’t be bringing much equipment so plan on taking advantage of the track and field for some good old fashion sprinting and running.  Make sure you bring sunscreen as they are forecasting temperatures in the upper 90’s with plenty of sun.  I take about 10 – 15 minutes before I start to get burned so if you have some fair skin like me, best be prepared.

This past weekend was the CrossFit Cherry Creek Triple Threat competition.  The two day competition featured 6 teams from Verve having some fun in extreme heat.  One of our teams had to withdraw at the last minute due to injury.  We had a few members that competed in a CrossFit competition for the first time and the feedback was all very positive.  Anyone that tells you they don’t get nervous is lying to you, but once the clock starts it’s like any other workout.  The weights feel lighter once the clock starts and all the butterflies disappear.  For anyone that hasn’t competed in a local competition, I highly recommend getting involved in one of the local team competitions that seem to be happening each weekend in and around Denver.  

We post flyers for local competitions around the gym but there are also resources online and on Facebook.  If you have a competition you’d like to participate in make sure you post to the comments on the blog or on Verve’s Facebook page so others are aware.  

Verve is hosting the Femme Royale competition in August.  The competition is for women only and they have different divisions available (Fun, 50/50, and Rx) to make the competition as inclusive as possible.  Stay tuned to Verve’s social pages and the blog for more information about the Femme Royale and consider competing with a friend.  This one is at Verve so you’ll be familiar with the equipment and surroundings so it would be a great chance to try a competition if you so choose.

This week’s Everyday Warrior Team Battle Series workout will be our class WOD on Friday due to the gym being closed for the seminar this weekend.  This week’s workout is an 11 minute AMRAP so you don’t have to worry about a 30 minute treat this week.  


  1. Josh Wrede :

    I’ve never seen a guy sweat so much from bicep curls!

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