Tuesday 160719

Take 20 minutes to establish a 3RM push press

Then, 2 x max effort set of push press @ 60% of 3RM. Rest 3 minutes between max efforts.

Post weight to BTWB

Legless rope climbs are tough, but not when you have friends to cheer you on.

Legless rope climbs are tough, but not when you have friends to cheer you on.

It’s sometimes quite amazing to me and the rest of the Verve trainers what is left behind and placed in the lost and found. One shoe? I can see leaving a pair behind, but how do you only leave one behind?

For those of you that are new to Verve, we have a lost and found.  It’s the purple bin to the right of the refrigerator.  In addition to a bunch of clothes, there are also countless jump ropes.  If you lost your jump rope, chances are it’s in the purple bin.   

Wrist wraps? Have you lost yours, well check the purple bin because at last check I believe there were at least 5 pair of wrist wraps in the bin.  

If we find things such as glasses or phones or anything of value really, we most likely will put it behind the front desk and do our best to track down the owner of the lost items.  If you find anything in the bathroom that you think may be lost, please give it to a trainer so we can make sure it finds it’s way back to it’s owner.  

If you leave something behind you can always send a quick email to the gym or give us a call and let us know to be on the lookout for whatever you left behind.  Jay Cain leaves something behind everyday so when in doubt about the process to recover lost items, you can always ask him.  

We do however take the lost and found to good will after an extended period of time. We normally give everyone a heads up that we will be doing this so they have another chance to go through and make sure that none of the clothes or cups or wrist wraps or jump ropes or shoes or watches belong to you. Log books are often left behind as well so if you’ve done a great thing by logging your workouts, it might also make sense to make sure that you stick the log book back in your bag, but if you forget remember the purple bin is always there.


  1. Guy Who Hates Running :

    Re: Sunday’s WOD – according to my car, the distance from the front of the gym to 30th St. is .5 miles. The distance that we ran on Sunday (to 28th and back) is in the range of 1.4 miles. Either way, I hate running. FYI.

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