Tuesday 160913

15 Rounds
Row 100 (85) Meters
Rest 90 seconds between efforts

*Score is fastest and slowest interval times”

Organized chaos, at it's finest. Okay not really that organized but work was done!

Organized chaos, at it’s finest. Okay not really that organized but work was done!

The overwhelming theme before yesterdays workout was “this is a horrible way to start the week off.” After the workout, the mood had changed and most had determined that although terrible looking on the board and possibly more terrible during, when finished the workout was a nice kick in the pants to start the week off right.  Every now and again, we like to ease into the week with something a little more relaxing like a heavy day, but yesterday I decided that this Monday seems like a good Monday to throw everything at them and see how they do.  Hope you guys are feeling good today and if you enjoyed the kickoff to NFL football, that workout should have exercised all the demons out of you.

Today’s is a little different.  We will be working on high output low time duration.  Each of the 15 rowing sprints is designed to be an all out effort.  Those 100 or 85 meters will disappear really quickly in the first few rounds, but toward the middle and end of this workout, 100 or 85 meters is going to seem like the longest distance you’ve ever rowed.  That’s a good thing.  We program these types of workout, ones with short work time and long rest between so you can gear up and give every interval your all.  

The score for today is going to be your fastest and your slowest interval.  The goal is to stay as close to your fastest time as you can.  There will be drop off and the rest will seem to go by faster with each interval completed, but push through the pain in the legs and lungs and give everything you can to each interval. The rowers can be set so that you don’t have to worry about when you finished or how much rest time you have left.  The rower will do all the math work for you, all you have to do is be ready for when the rest is over and your next interval starts.  Grab the handle and give each interval your all. After the 15th interval, you should feel like you having nothing left in the tank and you gave each interval 100 percent.

Happy rowing!



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