Tuesday 160920

Run 1 Mile

At the 10:00 mark perform the following:
100 Kettlebell swings 35#(26#)
Every minute on the minute perform 5 burpees

At the 20:00 mark

Run 400 Meters

*Scores are; Mile time, Time to complete 100 KB swings, 400 Meter time.

Post scores to BTWB

Joannie fighting for good body position while Brendan stays vigil in the background.

Joannie fighting for good body position while Brendan stays vigil in the background.


Reminder that this coming Saturday is the Memorial workout for Andy Schweisow.  From this past Saturday’s blog for those of you that didn’t read it or may not have known Andy.

The Andy Schwiesow memorial WOD

4 Rounds for time:
21 Calorie row
11 Power clean, 85#
28 Wallball shots, 20#
8 Power snatch, 85#

Andy Schwiesow had been a member of Verve since April 2011. He regularly came to classes, with his most favorite being the barbell focused specialty classes. And his most, most favorite being the classes focused on the Olympic lifts. Andy’s first workout as a member of Verve was 4-21-11 and Andy’s birthday is 8-28-85. A workout built for a tall man with an enjoyment for throwing around a barbell.

Please read Saturdays blog for more information.  The link is HERE

I read an interesting blog post over the weekend on the site;  Zenhabits.  The topic of the post was about not being able to do or having time to do all the things we intend to do.  When we start each day, we have a plan for all the things we’d like to do and then things get messed up and we are unable to complete all the tasks we had planned.  Maybe it’s not even a daily list, but a list that doesn’t have time to it.  Goals like reading a book or learning an instrument, or even trying to get to the gym 4 times a week sometimes become impossible because obstacles get in the way.  I personally get discouraged if my day is less productive than I planned so the blog post resonated with me.  Here are a few bold points but the entire post, available HERE, is worth the read.  

Why plans fall apart:

We are overly optimistic. We think we’re going to be able to do about 2-5 times what we can actually do.

We don’t account for the little things.  We don’t think about showering, brushing our teeth, getting dressed, cooking, eating, cleaning up, doing laundry, driving, getting gas, answering a thousand and two emails, taking phone calls, using the bathroom, and so on and so on.

We fail in the face of resistance. When we have the choice to focus on what we hoped to focus on, or do some busywork or go to one of our comfortable distractions … resistance comes up.  Sometimes we have the motivation to overcome it, but most times we put things off, because beating the resistance isn’t easy.

Some helpful solutions:

Know that you probably only have 3-4 hours a day of productive time to get projects done, get important work done, read books, learn stuff. The rest of the time is spent on sleeping, eating, personal maintenance, transportation, meetings, calls, email, distractions, shopping, cooking, errands, taking care of kids or hanging with friends, and so on.

Block out what you can do in that time. Exercise, writing, reading, learning, a few important tasks. The think I enjoy most about joining classes at Verve is that all you need to do is show up and be attentive.  Once you’re here, the coaches have the whole hour planned.  

Set up a good environment for each project you want to complete — if you want to learn guitar, have some accountability and someone who will be supportive, even if that means finding someone online.  If getting to the gym becomes difficult, team up with some people that are normally in your class.  Communicate with each other throughout the day and hold each other accountable for making it to class.




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