Tuesday 161018

For time:
Deadlift 205# (135#)
Bar facing burpess

Post time to BTWB

Mike and Kendall getting their synchronized kettlebell swing on.

Mike and Kendall getting their synchronized kettlebell swing on.

Last week we finished our modified for GPP Hatch program.  This coming Thursday, we are going to be testing our 1 rep max back squat to see how people improved their overall strength.  The idea with the program was to to combine volume and percentages of maxes to see the results when it comes to overall strength.  If you were consistent with the program, that means you squatted for 6 weeks with percentages ranging from 60% to the final day where you were moving 95% of your 1 rep max back squat for a double!

I’m posting this today to give you a couple days to figure out your schedule.  Many of us use Thursday as a rest day so if you would like to know how your squat has improved over the past 6 weeks, be sure to come in on Thursday for the WOD.  Wednesday’s workout will leave the legs alone so hopefully you’ll feel well rested when it comes to squat some heavy weight on Thursday.  

As we discussed in the post leading up to the squat program, consistency was going to be the key to seeing results.  If you were unable to attend the squat days, don’t be discouraged if your strength improvements aren’t what you had hoped or as high as some of the other members.  Hopefully you’ll still feel more comfortable with heavier weight then before the program started.  Even though we won’t be doing a squat specific program for the foreseeable future, you should still be able to maintain most of the gains you developed due to the number of times we go below parallel in our regular programming.  

When you do squat on Thursday, be sure to let the person recording your weights for the whiteboard know if you were able to hit a new PR.  Hopefully we’ll see a lot on names with new records next to them.  

In summary, this coming Thursday, we are squatting to a heavy 1 rep max.  Be there!  

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