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I have a feeling this picture may rub a few people the wrong way!

I have a feeling this picture may rub a few people the wrong way!

Many times right before a workout starts, athletes will sometimes ask coaches “should I try and do this unbroken?” My recommendation is usually to stay within yourself as an athlete.  If you know there are some movements that are perfect for you and others are movements that give you trouble, then it’s best to figure out a strategy that is going to provide you with the best workout and match the stimulus that is presented to you by the coach when describing the goals for the workout.

CrossFit OG Pat Sherwood recently wrote an article for the CrossFit Journal that sums this up perfectly.  If you are a fan of all things fitness, I highly recommend taking a look at the CrossFit Journal every couple of days.  The articles they produce are fantastic and well informed and cover many different topics.

The article by Pat Sherwood talks about how going unbroken may not always result in the fastest time or the best workout.  Click HERE to read the entire article.  I’ve included a few of my favorite points below.

Doing something unbroken does not necessarily mean you will do it faster. If the goal is to accomplish the overall task as efficiently as possible, then that is the goal—not doing it unbroken.

Going unbroken on a single movement or entire workout is almost never required unless the workout specifically demands it. Workouts like that are rare. Going unbroken might or might not be the fastest or most efficient way to accomplish the work. If you cannot do something unbroken, please do not feel pressure to do so. Managing your personal tolerance of work-to-rest ratio will yield the greatest results for you.


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