Tuesday 161122

5 Rounds:
Row 500m @ 2k pace
Rest 3 minutes

Pre-rowing skill work:
Legless rope climbs

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The greatest commercial of all time for your viewing pleasure.  I see a Clio in Tom’s future.

This past weekend was the MBS Turkey Challenge. Many of our Verve athletes competed and even more showed up over the course of the two day event to cheer on our friends and watch some great events. First off a huge thank you to anyone that came out to cheer and volunteer at the event. I always find it strange that I can’t hear any of the music that’s playing while competing but I can always hear people cheering and yelling the names of people competing.

I highly recommend anyone that has an interest in trying out a local competition to mark their calendars for next years Turkey Challenge. It’s a great competition that is always well run and organized. The team side is so much fun and it’s great to compete with your friends and head deep into the pain cave and know that you have other people counting on you and having your back when things aren’t going the best in a particular workout.

I give major props to anyone that does the individual competition. This past weekend we had several Verve athletes compete as individuals and it amazes me at how poised they all were during their events. I for one always go team because I know how nervous I get before events and can only imagine that feeling being amplified  10 fold as an individual. Also, most team workouts have some element of rest built into the workouts and that’s my favorite part of any event!

Local competitions are really fun and the best part is you know that the Verve community will always show out in force to cheer you on and help you in any way possible.

Reminder that this week we have an abridged schedule starting Wednesday evening and continuing through Friday. On Saturday our schedule is back to normal but please check our schedule to see the changes.


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