Tuesday 161129

15 Minutes to build to a 1 rep max bench press


5 Rounds with 1 minute of rest between
5 Bench press @ 50% of 1 rep max
30 Double unders/60 Single unders

*1 Burpee penalty for each break in jump rope portion

Pre WOD skill work = Ring Muscle Up transitions

Post weights to BTWB

It pains me to post photos of those shirts, but they just keep winning. Good thing it's only November.

It pains me to post photos of those shirts, but they just keep winning. Good thing it’s only November.


You’ve probably noticed that there has been an addition to our programming lately.  We’ve been adding in more skill work before workouts.  The goal is to give us extra time with higher skill movements that we see often in workouts, but sometimes don’t have quite as much time to review given everything else that’s programmed in a WOD.

This week we will be focusing on Ring Muscle Ups.  We are going to use a few days this week to go over drills that will help us break down the muscle up and provide drills that will focus on building our muscle up in pieces.  Yesterday we worked on getting comfortable swinging on the high rings and then using momentum to pull up in a good hollow position.  Each time we focus on a new drill it will build on the what we did previously.

Today we will be working on the transition of the muscle up.  The point at which the pull turns into the fast sit up that puts us in the bottom of the dip.  We have programmed drills for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.  The goal is to have everyone focus on a drill that will make them better at muscle ups or work towards getting their first muscle up.  

The days we program skill work won’t interfere with the actual workout.  An example would be a day that we have a bunch of pull up bar work, toes to bar, pull ups, etc., we won’t do skill work on the muscle up because we’ll have enough pulling in the workout and we don’t want the skill work to be taxing and make the workout more difficult.  

Take the drills slowly and stay within your comfort level.  We are trying to reinforce good body position and mechanics so that when we do get muscle ups or increase the number we can do, we can repeat them.  It’s great to get that first muscle up, but really we want to be able to do the higher skill movements consistently, even if it’s just one each time we attempt one.  

Hopefully these 5 – 15 minute skill sessions help us develop competency in the higher skill movements so that when they pop up in workouts, we’ll have a good knowledge and skill base to know what we really need to work on or at least feel more comfortable knowing we worked on proper mechanics that will lead us to being better at those more advanced movements.  

We’ll continue to post the skill on the WOD blog so you have an idea what we’ll be working on that day and can use what you worked on the previous session.  

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