Tuesday 161213

In 15 Minutes find a 1 rep max complex of :
1 Power Snatch
1 Hang power snatch
1 Overhead squat

Every minute on the minute for 7 minutes using 70% of heaviest complex
1 Power Snatch
2 Overhead squats

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Joannie moving so fast she's blurry and Greg keeping pace during yesterdays' burpees

Joannie moving so fast she’s blurry and Greg keeping pace during yesterdays’ burpees

This week we are going back to basics with our Pre- WOD skill work.  During the week we will be working on strict pulling power to develop overall lat strength and pulling power.  We have spent the past 2 weeks working more advanced moves with the ring muscle up and free standing handstand work so hopefully the extra time allocated to those two higher skill movements helped you feel more comfortable with the movements, gave you some good ideas with regard to what you need to work on, and you’ll feel more comfortable with the movements that show up in a workout.  At the end of this week, one of part of our workout will be a max distance handstand walk in 3 minutes. With the different progressions and skill time we worked on last week, hopefully there will be a comfort level with trying to walk on your hands out on the floor.

Yesterday we worked on pulling strength using strict chest to bar pull ups, strict pull ups, and banded strict pull ups. For those of us that used bands during the skill work, be sure and remember the combination of bands used so that the next time we have skill work, we can use a more difficult combination of bands.  Developing overall pulling strength takes time, but the drill we do this week should provide you with some ideas that you can use when you have a few minutes before or after class that will lead to being able to do strict pull ups.

Later this week we’ll have weighted strict pull ups in the skill work for the people with intermediate and advanced pulling strength.  For those of us using bands, we’ll increase the volume and work with less assistance so that each time we work towards strict pulling ability, we’ll have the chance to change up the stimulus.  Again, the progressions take time but hopefully the drills and extra time allocated to the skills will provide you with more comfort with movements, develop overall strength, and give us extra time focusing on movements that we often see in workouts.

We are always open to suggestions when it comes to the type of skill work you’d like to see in our skill time.  Feel free to post suggestions to the comment sections or email me at eric@crossfitverve.com with your suggestions.  

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