Tuesday 161227

Take 15 minutes to establish a heavy back squat

10 Back squat @ 80% of today’s heaviest
Rest 3 minutes
10 Back squat @ 70% of today’s heaviest
Rest 3 minutes
10 Back squat @ 60% of today’s heaviest

Pre WOD skill work = Ring Muscle Up transitions

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We’re excited to announce the TrainFTW Open Prep Camp hosted by CrossFit Verve in Denver, CO on February 11-12, 2017.  Matt Chan and Eric O’Connor are hosting the camp and participants will spend two days training, enhancing movement efficiency for CrossFit Open movements, eating, having discussions related to CrossFit competition, and downtime.

We’ll discuss nutrition for athletes, recovery techniques, competition mentality, and strategizing CrossFit Open Events. We will practice breathing techniques to prepare for and recover from training. This will not be in “lecture” format, rather an informal discussion where you’ll get the answers that you need.

You’ll walk away from the TrainFTW Open Prep Camp with more efficient movements, a better understanding of how to structure your week during the Open, how to prepare your mind and body before you attempt an Open workout, and heck of a lot of fun in a great training environment.

Participation is limited to 60 – all levels are welcomed.
Lunch is provided both days.
Cost is $349/pp, including lunch.
Time is from 9am – 5pm

Go to TrainFTW.com/camps to register today!
If you are a Verve member and are interested in attending the seminar, we’ve worked our a deal with the TrainFTW team.  Email eric@crossfitverve.com to find out more information about discounts offered for Verve members.


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