Three rounds for time:

100ft Walking lunge

25 Dumbell hang squat cleans, 40# (25#)

25 Good mornings, 45#

Post time to comments.


Amy, home from Mexico – straight into a WOD.  Glad to have you back!

Every day after a WOD, work your weaknesses.  If your weakness is double-unders, come in early or stay late and get 100 double-unders.  If your weakness is overhead squats, warm up with pass throughs and follow it up with a 3×10 of mid-weight overhead squats.  Work your weakness until it is a strength and then move on to the next weakness.  Soon enough, you'll be able to handle whatever is thrown at you – and damn that is a good feeling. 


  1. Amy :

    Holy shit Jen! YOu said your picture was scary. That is NOT scary, it is awesome! You have a hot body.
    And to everyone who wants to join the New Years Resolution, I can’t wait to be a Nasty Girl with you.

  2. jaRed :

    Lunges! Squat Cleans! Good Mornings!… guess it’ll just have to make us tougher.
    Amy didn’t want to work out last night (in the picture above) after she had just gotten back from airplane travel, so I begged her to just come, watch, and hang out with Matt and Cherie. After giving in to “just watching” – Matt had a few things to say, like “C’moonn, its a really fun one.” 2 minutes later, Amy is X-Fittin in her PJ’s. Community is very contagious. Thank you everyone.

  3. Jen :

    Amy…you look more ripped every day!Your photos is far less revealing! No doubt about it…my photo is frightening. It just gives me more more motivation however to work the midsection more. I love that this has become an addiction!!

  4. Joylyn :

    Hi Anthony, I’m teaching today and can’t make it to the WOD this afternoon. See you tonight instead.

  5. anthony :

    Kiley 11:51
    Cass 18:02 (15#dumbbell)
    Jared 17:55
    Amy 20:44 (20# dumbbell)
    Anthony 11:04
    Elizabeth 20:54
    James 18:44
    Jen 18:44 (20# dumbbell)
    Stef 14:38 (15# dumbbell)
    Hillary DNF (20# dumbbell)
    Commons Park WOD:
    4 rounds of
    run 400m
    50 squats
    Joylyn 16:53
    Mas 14:43
    Cheresa 14:19
    It was nice to be back in Commons Park if only for a moment; just like the good old days.

  6. stef :

    BTW, i think this workout should be called something about an ASS KICKER. I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m feeling today! lol

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