Tuesday 170103

5 Rounds for time:
20 Wallballs, 20#(14#)
50 Double unders
5 Muscle-ups

Post time to BTWB

Rowers for sale after the Mile High Sprints competition.

Rowers for sale after the Mile High Sprints competition.

On January 21st we are hosting the Mile High Sprints for the second straight year.  The sprints are used as a qualifying competition for the World Indoor Rowing Championship and last year it was pretty impressive to see some of the times that were put up on the screen for the different distances.  It’s always humbling to see someone make something that you consider very difficult, such as a 2K row, look so effortless.  

The organization putting on the Mile High Sprints is looking to sell the C2 Rowers that are used in the competition.   The rowers will be Model D with the PM5 Monitor in Black.  You can check out the specs by clicking the link HERE.If you are interested in purchasing a rower that will be used for one day in the Mile High Sprints, you can email me directly at eric@crossfitverve.com and I’ll pass your information along to the organizers.

The rowers are priced at $850.  New, these rowers are $900 plus $50 in shipping costs so you’ll be buying a rower that is less than a day old for a $100 discount.  The rowers are shipped to Verve and then assembled by the organizers the day before the competition.  You will have to arrange pick up for the rowers, but they break down very easily and can fit in most cars.  

If you are interested in buying one, email me and I’ll put you on the list and send and then send a count over to the organizers so they know how many to set aside for Verve members.  There is no negotiation on the  price so please don’t email me and ask, but if you do have questions that are not price related please feel free to send me an email.

We will be having classes after the competition much like we did last year so stay tuned to the blog and check MBO for schedule updates.  I also recommend coming by the competition to watch.  It was pretty exciting last year and I expect more of the same this year as the local college teams show up and put on quite a performance.  

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