Tuesday 170117

Back Squat
1 x 10 at 60% of 1 rep max
1 x 8 at 65% of 1 rep max
1 x 6 at 70% of 1 rep max
1 x 6 at 75% of 1 rep max
1 x 6 at 80% of 1 rep max
Front Squat
1 x 5 at 60% of 1 rep max
1 x 5 at 70% of 1 rep max
2 x 5 at 75% of 1 rep max

Post weights to BTWB

Last call for rowers. If you want to buy one email eric@crossfitverve.com for more info.

Last call for rowers. If you want to buy one email eric@crossfitverve.com for more info.

As you all have seen a few times, CrossFit Verve will be hosting the TrainFTW Camp on February 11th and 12th.  A few people have talked to me about the camp so I wanted to use today’s blog to discuss a few things about the camp.  The camp is absolutely for everyone.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your CrossFit experience, whether you’ve just started or are a more competitive athlete.  The weekend will be a chance to learn from the TrainFTW team who have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge.  If you’re someone that has considered doing local competitions or just someone that wants the opportunity to learn more about your chosen workout routine, the camp will have something for everyone.  

A few people have expressed interest, but weren’t sure if they were “good” enough to go.  You are!  As with all of our classes and workouts, everything that will be discussed and performed can be scaled to each individual person that attends so that each person walks away better.  The TrainFTW instructors goals are the same as all the Verve trainers,  to make you a better athlete and mover every time you walk into the gym as well as provide you with information that will help you along your fitness journey.  

Below are just a few of the take aways you’ll receive if you decide to attend.  Remember, we have a deal worked out with the TrainFTW team so as Verve members, you’ll receive a discounted rate should you want to attend.  If you’re on the fence about attending, please email me and I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.  

The seminar will include topics such as; nutrition for athletes, recovery techniques, competition mentality, and strategizing CrossFit Open Events. We will practice breathing techniques to prepare for and recover from training. This will not be in “lecture” format, rather an informal discussion where you’ll get the answers that you need.

You’ll walk away from the TrainFTW Open Prep Camp with more efficient movements, a better understanding of how to structure your week during the Open, how to prepare your mind and body before you attempt an Open workout, and heck of a lot of fun in a great training environment.

Participation is limited to 60 – and as talked about above all levels are welcomed.
Lunch is provided both days.
Cost is $349/pp, including lunch.
Time is from 9am – 5pm

Go to TrainFTW.com/camps to register today!
If you’re a Verve member and are interested in attending, email  eric@crossfitverve.com to find out more information about discounts offered for Verve members.


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    I’m signed up!!

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