Tuesday 170214

Back Squat
1 x 6 @ 70%
1 x 6 @ 80%
1 x 3 @ 90%
1 x 2 @ 95%

Front Squats
1 x 5 @ 65%
1 x 4 @ 75%
2 x 4 @ 80%

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Greg and Jeremy playing our version of Frogger to warm up

Greg and Jeremy playing our version of Frogger to warm up

What better way to start Valentine’s Day than a bunch or back squats at 90% or higher.  Seriously though, S*it is getting real with today’s numbers.  Remember that we don’t want you to fail on your lifts. If you can’t go higher then don’t.  Break your sets up if you need to as you’ll still be moving the weight but failed reps will negatively impact the other reps in today’s lifts.  

This is our last week of the back squat and shoulder press program.  Next Monday we start following mainsite for the next 5 weeks while the 2017 CrossFit Open is going on.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with mainsite program, you can visit, www.crossfit.com and click on WOD’s to see the types of workouts that have been programmed.  

The idea with following mainsite is that we hopefully won’t see movements in the days leading up to the Thursday announcement that might negatively impact the results you see in the Open workout.  Think about doing 100 pull ups on Thursday when Friday is 100 pull ups.  Your hands would be pretty angry with you if you put them through that type of volume.

Every Friday in class we will be performing the Open workout that is announced the night before. We stream the Open announcement at the gym so if you want to come watch the announcement with your friends be sure and come by the gym around 6 PM Thursday and watch the best athletes in CrossFit take on the workouts before you do the following day.  

If you follow mainsite you’ll notice that there are rest days planned.  On the days that mainsite programs a rest day, we will program our own workouts based on the previous few days so we are staying with our programming methodology.  Sometimes we program workouts on the mainsite rest days that are similar to what CrossFit.com programs the day after a rest day, so we will also modify the workouts as we see necessary.  Our goal is to make sure that overall fitness is achieved without overloading an area too much.  

Should be an interesting and exciting 5 weeks starting next Monday and especially a week from this Friday when we throw down on the first Open workout.  Remember that we are doing Friday Night Lights on Friday evenings during the Open.  From 6 PM to 8 PM we will have heat times instead of classes.  Come in sign up for a heat, warm up, and get ready to work out.  Heat times will be dependent on the workout, but make sure you’re are ready to go when your heat is up.  Athletes not signed up for the Open won’t need a judge, but those that are signed up will need to have a judge.  

More information on all Open goodness will be discussed in future blogs.  


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