Tuesday 170221


For time:
25 Pull-ups
10 Muscle-ups
1.5-Mile run
10 Muscle-ups
25 Pull-ups

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brendan and katie 2

Brendan and Katie working through some squat clean thrusters courtesy of CrossFit.com

Well it’s finally here.  This is week 1 of the 2017 CrossFit Open.  As discussed in previous blogs, we are now following the programming of CrossFit.com.  Yesterday was day 1 and we will continue to follow the programming until the Open ends in 5 short weeks.  

CrossFit.com programs rest days on a 3 days on 1 day of rest schedule, so this Thursday we will program the workout that will be done in our daily workouts.  We have no idea what the first Open workout will be when they announce it on Thursday evening, so we will do our best to program based on the 3 previous days programming and hopefully not interfere with the workout that is announced on Thursday night to be performed on Friday at Verve.

Many of  us use Thursday as a rest day and if this is the pattern you follow with your training, make sure to come in and at least mobilize and stretch.  We will stream the Open announcement live Thursday evening at Verve so grab a foam roller and take a seat and watch it with the rest of the people at Verve.

If you do typically workout on Thursdays, but plan to do the Open workout on Friday, we will brief you on ways to approach the Thursday workout.  You don’t have to attack the workout on Thursday at 100% if you are looking to try and perform the best you can the following day.  A good idea would be to consider the Thursday workout as a moving day.  Workout at sub maximal intensity and get some blood flowing through the body, cool down after the workout, and get some stretching in. Those of us that are approaching Friday’s workout like any other workout, feel free to continue your training as you always have, by giving Thursday’s workout your full effort.

There is something about knowing a workout is an Open workout.  As you’ve seen over the past month or so when we’ve retested workouts done in previous years Open’s, just seeing the term “Open” written on the whiteboard produces that rumbling in your gut that makes the workout not just any other workout. No matter if this is your first Open or you’re a veteran, this time of year and these workouts bring out the best in our community and we all look forward to a fun and exciting next 5 weeks.  

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