Tuesday 170228

Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:
10 Power cleans 135#(95#)
20 Push-ups

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J$ all smiles after completing 17.1. His proud father right behind him helping him cool down.

J$ all smiles after completing 17.1. His proud father right behind him helping him cool down.


Boom!  Week one of the 2017 CrossFit Open is in the books.  Friday Night Lights was a huge success and as expected the place was electric.  It was great that so many people were able to come and do the workout but more importantly it was great to see so many people stick around and cheer on Verve athletes as they threw down in one horrendous workout.  Hopefully this is the last time we will see dumbbells programmed in a workout this year, but you never know what’s coming from the mind of Castro.

Reminder that we have a dedicated time slot on Sunday to perform the Open workout should you want to do it again or simply can’t make it in for Friday’s classes or Friday Night Lights.

Sunday’s we will begin heats at 11:30, but if you are planning on doing it on Sunday you can show up as early as 11:00 am and begin warming up.  The first heat will begin at or around 11:30 and then we will have heats spaced out based on how long the workout takes.  The last heat will be how ever many minutes we need before 1:00 PM and we will shut down shop at 1:00 PM or at least not run any more heats.  

Same deal as Friday Night Lights, come in and sign up for the heat you want, start warming up, and be ready to go once your heat is set to begin.  You can always come in Monday afternoon as well, with the first heat starting at or around 2:00 PM.  We are all done by 3:30 PM so that we have time to log our scores and validates all scores that have been entered.

As talked about in earlier blogs, there is just something different about doing and Open workout.  The extra drive you get from your friends pushing you or the competitive nature that is brought out in all of us during the workouts was on full display Friday night so if you didn’t have a chance to come in and see what it was like, make sure you do over the next 4 weeks.   

Great work on Week 1 and let’s see what’s throw at us on Thursday night!


  1. Danni :

    Such a great photo. Congrats to everyone on the first week of the open! It was awesome seeing such great energy, and support for all.

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