Tuesday 170321

For time:
Run 800 meters with a medball 20#(14#)
100 Toes to bar
50 Front Squats 155#(105#)
10 Rope climbs 15′
Run 800 meters with a medball 20#(14#)

The toes to bar, front squats, and rope climbs can be partitioned any way you choose, with the runs starting and ending the workout.  Front squats are taken from the ground.  

*Today’s workout is modified from Mainsite.  It is a Hero workout so we tried to keep it as close to the original as possible.  

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Some people take offense to holding this position on the GHD

Some people take offense to holding this position on the GHD

Well it’s the final week of the 2017 CrossFit Open.  The workouts, though sometimes logistically difficult to plan, have been well programmed and fun to do.  In the past, the 5th and final workout has been the one that has hurt the most.  Remember thrusters and calorie rowing or thrusters and burpees over the bar, both have been extremely challenging even though they are simple in programming.  I’m guessing thrusters are coming this week, the question is what’s coming along with.  

The Team cup is still up for grabs so be sure and check Verve’s social media pages later this week for updated standings.  The winning team will be rewarded with a social gathering to be determined that everyone will be invited to.  

If this is your first or 6th open, congrats on the effort so far and good luck on the this weeks workout. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the atmosphere on Friday nights or during classes on Friday.  The Open workouts provide those extra butterflies in the stomach not normally felt during most workouts, but it’s been great to see everyone come by and support each other, help with judging, and put forth a full effort during the workouts.   

Speaking of social gatherings, we have a few things coming up that we hope everyone will be able to attend.  More information will be released in the coming days, but with the weather being so nice, we are hopefully gonna get together outside and enjoy a few much deserved beverages.  Stay tuned to the blog and Verve’s Instagram and Facebook pages for more details as they become available. 



  1. Scotty :

    This is going to sound a little sappy, but I knew Liam who this workout was named after and have been friends with his sister for nearly 20 years now. I will be on duty at the firehouse today, but know that I will be there in spirit with you during class. Thanks everyone

  2. Patrick McGinty :

    Maeve is an awesome friend and the loss of her brother, a Colorado resident, Liam is getting the hero wod he deserves. These workouts not only are important for honoring fallen soldiers but bringing our Crossfit community together and help support the family. I am so glad we are doing this work out during the open and know that the Nevins family will be touched by our dedication to Liam’s memory!!

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