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Erin showing good deadlift form, which will come in handy today

Erin showing good deadlift form, which will come in handy today

We are back to programming in house now that The Open has ended.  As always I like to give you a little information about what you can expect over the next few weeks.

A lot of people have asked about doing another lifting program similar to what we’ve done in the past with the back squat and front squat programs.  For the next 3 weeks, Tuesdays will be devoted to the posterior chain.  

The main part of the workout will be focused on the deadlift working in larger rep schemes.  Today is the first day of the program and you can see that we are starting with sets of 10.  Your coaches will give you the percentages you will be working to on these higher volume sets.  Each week the sets will remain the same with the reps descending and the weight ascending.  For those of us that struggle with the deadlift, Tuesday’s will be a good day to come in and work on the movement in a non conditioning atmosphere. 

Each week, before and after the lifting portion of the workout, we will program some accessory work designed to build other areas of posterior chain.  For lack of a better description we will be doing a lot of accessory work for the butt.  There will be a lot of unilateral work we are focusing on one side at a time. This type of training can lead to some soreness.  Think about any lunge workout you’ve done in the past couple months and the resulting soreness brought on.  It’s a good sore but it sometimes makes you choose the escalator versus walking up stairs.  Be prepared for some serious glute work before and after the main part of Tuesday’s deadlifts.  

The post workout and pre workout accessory work are meant to be done for quality and there is no need to rush through the pieces.  Focus on making each rep perfect and choose weights that allow you to focus on proper mechanics.  The strength will develop that will allow you to go heavier but in the beginning don’t be overly concerned with how heavy you go.  

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