Tuesday 170425

For time:
30 Chest to bar pull-ups
30 Deadlifts, 225#(155#)
30 Kettlebell swings, 32kg(24kg)
*At the top of every minute must stop and do 5 burpees

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When Open Gym is all about the pump!

When Open Gym is all about the pump!


If you’ve been consistently coming to class on Tuesday’s over the past 3 weeks, you would have been doing high volume sets of deadlifts at pretty high weights.  The goal with the deadlift program was to get you more comfortable with the deadlift and more comfortable with using weights that might have given you some trepidation.  Now it’s time to put the new found comfort into action with some high rep deadlifts at moderate to heavy weights.  

Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll see some conditioning workouts utilizing the deadlift.  Today is the first workout that will encompass high volume moderate weight deadlifts.  The past three weeks hopefully gave you some confidence with pulling heavier weights off the ground so today should be a good way to test what you’ve learned and the strength you’ve gained by doing the deadlift program. Remember what we focused on with the lifting and put it into action today and in future deadlift workouts.  

We are shifting our strength focus to a squat program.  Over the next few weeks you’ll see a similar program design for squatting that we used for deadlifting, with time dedicated to the squat and then accessory work. 

That’s enough about the programming for today’s blog.  Let’s talk about a new addition in the retail room you’ll see in the next couple days.  We purchased a suggestion box that will be placed in the retail room. We want to hear your suggestions and feedback so please fill out the cards and put them in the locked suggestion box.  We will read and discuss your suggestions and hopefully be able to put as many of the suggestions into action as we can.  If you see Kaplan or Paul drawing pictures and placing them in the suggestion box, please let us know so we can alert the authorities and have steps taken to prevent them from doing this in the future.  

We want to hear any and all feedback and ideas you have relevant to the gym.  These are completely anonymous so speak your mind and we will be happy to read them and hopefully take immediate action if the suggestions warrant such.   


  1. Anna D :

    we are fitnessing so hard

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