Tuesday 170516

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
Run 400 Meters
10 Russian kettlebell swings 70#(53#)
30 Single unders

Post rounds to BTWB

Mile High Fit Games

















On Saturday June 24th, CrossFit Verve, in partnership with The Denver Outlaws, is presenting a 1 day competition taking place at Mile High Stadium.  The competition will feature 2 workouts and a floater workout.  

There are 2 divisions, Rx and Open.  The competition will be feature common movements we see often in our daily workouts.  The Rx division will have slightly heavier weights and feature higher skilled gymnastic movements compared to the Open division, but the workouts will be very similar and test even the most conditioned athletes.  

One workout will take place just outside the stadium in the player’s parking area.  The other workout will start under the stadium seats and then have athletes running around inside Mile High Stadium on the walkway that surrounds the field.  The floater workout will take place in a different area of the parking lots.  

The competition will be finished by 1 PM and each participant receives a ticket to the Denver Outlaws game that starts at 3 PM.  There will be live music, beer and food, and activities for the kids.  Our friends at GenFit are having a 3 station boot camp at the stadium.  The day will be filled with lots of physical activity options for everyone so if you have friends that are interested in competing, but not in the competition presented by CrossFit Verve, encourage them to join the GenFit bootcamp.  For families that are interested in bringing their kids for some fitness, Blunt Force training is sponsoring a Kids Competition and Kids Zone.  Kids will learn teamwork, run through a challenging and fun obstacle course, and challenge themselves in a safe and supervised area.  

Volunteers needed!  If you don’t feel like competing but want to be involved, I need as many volunteers as possible. Each volunteer receives a ticket to the Outlaws game and a T Shirt. Competitions run smoothly and on time because of the volunteers.  I will need volunteers to judge, help with equipment, and handle scoring.  The competition will be finished by 1 PM so if you are interested in helping us out that day, please email eric@crossfitverve.com and I’ll put you on the list.  

Should be a fun day filled with a competition in and around Mile High Stadium, fitness activities for the kids, live music, food and drink, and ending with a Denver Outlaws game at Mile High Stadium.  

We are still in the process of finalizing the workouts and heat times.  The Rx and Open movement and standards will be online in the next day or two.  If you have questions, you can email eric@crossfitverve.com.  

To register for any of the above activities offered, please visit:







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