Tuesday 170523

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
Run 400 meters
Max reps of pull ups

Post total pull ups and rounds to BTWB

Joannie using a sandbag for thrusters during last weeks workout.

Joannie using a sandbag for thrusters during last weeks workout.
















As discussed in last weeks post, Verve is hosting a competition in partnership with The Denver Outlaws.  The 1 day competition is June 24th and the day will be filled with fun and exercise for the whole family.  Check out last weeks blog about the competition HERE

Last week I posted about needing volunteers for the day of the competition.  Thank you very much to everyone that has emailed me and donated their time for the competition.  There can never be too many volunteers so please check your calendars and see if you are in town that day.  If you’re interested in helping out at the competition at Mile High Stadium, email; eric@crossfitverve.com.  The goal is too have as many volunteers as possible to help with the competition in all different areas.

You’ve asked for more benchmark and HERO workouts so today we see our second such workout this week.  There is also another one coming later in the week and then on Monday May 29th, we will be doing our annual Memorial Day Workout, “Murph.”  For those of you that have never done the workout before, prepare for a grueling and very satisfying workout.

The blog on Monday, May 29th, will feature the back story to the workout and Michael Murphy, the Navy SEAL the workout is named for.   Feel free to do a little research ahead of time about the workout and Michael Murphy and understand that even though these workouts are tough and challenging, there is a bigger meaning behind the workouts.  Push yourselves a little harder in the these workouts.  


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