Tuesday 170613

21-15-9 Reps for time:
Power clean, 135#(95#)
Ring dip

Post time to BTWB

Ryan working on his posting skills, while Nate does some quad mashing

Ryan working on his posting skills, while Nate does some quad mashing












We received word from the print shop that our T shirts are done and will be ready for us to pick up later in the week. If you pre-ordered your shirts, we will have them ready for you to pick up by the end of this week.  As in the past, we will have them behind the front desk with a sheet with all the orders.  Please see a Verve trainer so that we can make sure you are getting the correct shirts and keep track of what is being taken.  

Today is another benchmark workout.  Hopefully by now you’ve gotten the message and are starting to record your workout scores in some manner.  Over the past month or so we’ve programmed quite a few benchmark and Hero workouts that we will definitely program in the future so that you can compare your times, weights, and scores to see how your fitness is progressing.  Yesterday was a 1 rep deadlift.  Seeing a PR next to the names is great, not only because it’s the heaviest weight you’ve done, but also because you know what you did in the past and can proudly display the fact that you are getting stronger.

Later this week we will be back squatting singles to continue with the back squat program we have been doing for the past few weeks.  While this may not be working up to a 1 rep max, it will still be a chance for us to see how comfortable we are with doing multiple singles at a really high percentage.  Those of us that have been consistent with coming on the squatting days, should start to see that weights that seemed out of our comfort zone when we first started, are now well within our capabilities.  In order to reach our goals of being able to lift more, move quicker through workouts, and become more fluid with high skill movements, require consistency in our training.

Finally, thank you to everyone that came out to the Triple Threat competition this past weekend to cheer on all the Verve athletes that participated.  It’s really amazing to hear all the Verve members cheering during the competition and I personally know that I move with a little more pep knowing that our amazing community is there yelling and cheering the entire time.



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