Tuesday 170718

4 Sets of the following complex, for quality:
2 Hang muscle snatch + 2 hang power snatch + 2 hang snatch

Then, 5 x 5 overhead squat

Post weights to BTWB

In today’s workout the first part of the workout is for quality.  Quality means that we are doing light weights, working on our technique, and getting better at the movements.  The goal isn’t to do weights that are challenging, but to practice the lifts and become more confident in each of the movements.

Above is an episode from Ben Bergeron’s Chasing Excellence Podcast that I’ve listened to a few times in the past week and found really insightful.  The podcast fits perfectly with the first part of today’s workout.  The theme of the podcast has to do with training with intention.   The podcast covers different elements that are focused on during our time in the gym.  Those elements are part of the reason we structure our classes the way we do, with time allocated for explaining the  workout and the desired stimulus, proper warm ups,  skill work, movement review, the workout, and post workout exercises or cool downs.   

Verve members are great at asking questions about workouts and how they should approach a particular workout and as trainers it’s our job to provide as much information as possible to help our members work towards their long term goals.

If the podcast starts in the middle, make sure and scroll all the way to the beginning.  


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