Tuesday 170822

As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
2 Rope Climbs
8 Dumbbell thrusters 40#(25#)

Rest 5 minutes then:

As a class as many calories as possbile on the Assault Bikes in 8 minutes.
Have to switch every 15(12) calories

Post rounds to BTWB

Joel was ready for the eclipse with his special glasses.

Joel was ready for the eclipse with his special glasses.

















Courtney expressed her gratitude on Sunday’s blog and I wanted to take this opportunity to echo her thoughts and thank all the people that volunteered over the weekend at Femme Royale.  This was our second year hosting the event and thanks to you guys, that gave up your day on Saturday or part of your day on Saturday, we were able to run a super smooth competition.  The competition actually finished ahead of schedule and for those of you that have done a competition you know how hard it is to stay on time and make sure everything transitions well.  We couldn’t have done it without you so thank you very much.  If you volunteered Saturday, there is an envelope on the cubbies with your name on it.  A little gift from the Femme Royale organizers to say thanks.

The weekend of Sept 2nd and 3rd we are hosting a Level 1 Seminar at Verve.  We will have class before the seminar on both days.  We are always looking to send our members that are interested in attending the Level 1 Seminar.  There was a blog written about how to get your name on the list should you wish to attend the Seminar on one of our scholarships.  As much as we don’t like closing the gym, it’s nice to send our members to the Level 1 for free, so if you’re interested click HERE to see the blog that discusses how to get on the list.  

Sept 3rd we are planning a Verve outing to attend the Rockies games.  The game starts at 1:30 pm.  If you’re interested in attending the tickets are $15.  We’ve put the tickets up for sale on the Square system.  Reserve your tickets through the Square System, make sure and write your name in the notes box, and we’ll take care of purchasing the tickets once we have a head count for who would like to attend.  September 3rd is the last Sunday before the NFL regular season starts, so let’s get a good group together, watch some baseball, and drink some adult beverages.  

Enjoy the post WOD class challenge on the Assault Bike.  The intensity was great the last time we did this, so let’s see if we can match or beat it today.  


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