Tuesday 170919

For time:
Run 1 mile
10 Rope climbs 15′
Run 800 Meters
20 Strict handstand push ups
Run 400 Meters
10 Strict muscle ups

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Brendan is all smiles for some Monday squatting

Brendan is all smiles for some Monday squatting



















I like to keep you guys updated on what the programming will look like so below is information about what Monday’s will look like for the next couple weeks.  

Yesterday we did the first squat workout that will last for 3 weeks including yesterday.  Each Monday we will be squatting with the same time domain, 15 minutes for heavy lifting, and after the heavy lifting portion we will be doing enduring work for 2 minutes.  We’ve added in warm up time as well so you’ll be able to get into heavy weights for the entire 15 minutes.  

Each week the enduring piece is going to change a little.  We will add 5% each week to the 2 minute work at the end.  

A few things will make this 3 weeks successful.  Make sure to record as much information as you can. This includes all the warm up weights you do, the number of reps performed in the warm up sets, and the jumps you make when you get into the 15 minutes of clocked time for 1 reps.  Each week I’d like you to start your first working rep a little heavier than the week before.  Have a number in mind that you’d like to end on in the 15 minutes, and make your jumps based on achieving that number by the end of the 15 minutes.  Figure somewhere around 6 to 7 lifts in the 15 minutes.  

After a rest period we will get into the enduring piece.  We will lift for 2 minutes with the goal being continuous moving and no resting the bar on the rack until the 2 minutes is up.  The weights will be dependent on your heavy lift, but try to increase the heaviest lift you do week over week.  Even if it’s a few pounds, there is still an improvement from the previous week and that’s the goal.

After you’re done squatting, if you have time, make sure and cool down on the rowers or bikes to start the recovery process.

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