Tuesday 170926

5 Rounds of:
With a 2 minute clock as many reps as possible of:
5 Hang power cleans
5 Shoulder to overhead
Rest 2 minutes between each round

*You will pick your own weight. You may not set the bar down during the 2 minutes of work.
If the bar is put down, you must do 5 burpees before you pick the bar back up. You can rest the bar anywhere but on the ground.
Add weight after each round you don’t need to put the bar down.

Post weights and reps to BTWB

Jake P getting ready for some heavy back squatting

















Yesterday was the 2nd week in a 3 week squat program.  I know more than a few of us were sore after last week and I’m guessing with the extra weight and percentage work this week, we’ll feel similar to how we did last week.  

There are ways to reduce post workout muscle soreness.  From the minds over at The Poliquin Group here are a few ways to help accelerate recovery.

Caffeine.  In addition to being a useful for starting your day off, caffeine is also an effective in reducing delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS.  DOMS is the reason a workout hurts more 48 hours after being done versus 24 hours. The recommended dose is 5mg/kg of body weight pre workout to reduce muscle soreness.  

Add some Ginger to your cooking.  2 grams of ginger has been shown in recent studies to reduce inflammation that coincides with intense muscle damage.  

BCAA’s.  Branch Chain Amino Acids aid in protein synthesis and reducing muscle breakdown as well as assist in conserving tissue during intense training.  

Training more often can also help in reducing DOMS.  The first workout may be a killer but continuously training will condition the muscles to be better prepared for the type of workouts performed inside the gym.  It may seem impossible to move a few days after a really intense workout, but the best thing to do is get up and move around and get back into the gym.  

We’ll be above parallel for the next few days to give our legs a chance to recover, but perhaps the above tips can help us reduce the soreness we might feel after yesterday.  

For more great advice click HERE to read the full article at The Poliquin Group’s website.

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