Tuesday 171024

For time:
Run 1 mile
Row 2,000 meters
30 Burpees over the rower

Post time to BTWB

Kaplan, Folse, and Julie getting warmed up for Front Squats

Kaplan, Folse, and Julie getting warmed up for Front Squats















A little about Verve Yoga by our fantastic teacher, Kacey Kingry.  

We do our very best to offer yoga twice per month here at Verve, as a supplement to the WODs that take place daily. I have this theory that when I’m doing yoga regularly (or just whenever I can fit it in), my body is more “on my side.” When we are more flexible, in touch with our breath, quiet and in tune, our bodies tend to respond more efficiently to the requests we make of them on a daily basis. So the more yoga you do, the more inclined your body will be to gain strength, put on muscle mass, lose fat, and remain uninjured. Even showing up just twice per month consistently can make a world of difference.

At Verve we practice two styles of yoga: Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. In Vinyasa, we connect our movements with our breath in order to generate some heat, and then once our muscles are warm and open, we use that openness to find stretch and depth in the postures. In Yin Yoga, we hold postures quietly for 3-5 minutes each in a supported fashion, which benefits not only the muscles themselves but also the surrounding connective tissues that are often times overlooked. Both styles of yoga, which we alternate between from Sunday to Sunday, are equally beneficial in different ways, and act as a complement to the shortening, tightening, pushing, and pulling that we do consistently in CrossFit. Both styles are designed not necessarily to be a “workout” in and of themselves (the goal is not to burn calories or gain strength), but rather to restore the body from the previous week’s activities, and prepare the body for whatever lies ahead in the week to come.

Many Verve athletes have benefited from attending Verve yoga regularly. Connie Luu, resident badass and overall awesome athlete says, “Since regularly attending Kacey’s yoga classes, my body recovers faster and I have learned how to better control my breathing during met cons. I love that I can simply show up and trust that her knowledge in both CrossFit and Yoga will help recover and prepare my body for the upcoming week.” How has yoga benefited you? What questions do you have regarding yoga? Please reply in the comments.  Our next Yoga class is this coming Sunday, October 29th at 11:00 am.  

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