Tuesday 171031


For time:
Strict pull ups
Strict toes to bar
100 Meter shuttle sprint after each round

Post time to BTWB

On November 15th, Paul will be hosting his 3rd and final nutrition lecture.  On November 16th we’ve booked Chris Juestel and Mobile Body Metrics to come by with their Bod Pod technology to provide body composition testing. 

Here’s some information about the testing and what you can expect to get with your results:

  • Learn your Body Fat %, what it means, and how it fits into you total fitness picture.
  • Learn how to develop a body composition goal, and understand what it will take to achieve that goal
  • Get a ‘snapshot’ of your body composition as a baseline against which to measure future progress
  • Obtain data that can factor into your nutrition plan, such as Lean Body Mass, calorie usage estimates, and Resting Metabolism Rate

If you’re interested in signing up for the test, you can click HERE and scroll down on the page and navigate to the November 16th date on the calendar.  You’ll see CrossFit Verve on November 16th.  Click the date and you’ll be given instructions on how to sign up for the test.  We have 2 time blocks for the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon/early evening.  Chris is open to being here throughout the day, if the demand warrants it, so please email him through his site should you have a question about another time slot during the day.  The price for the test is $50 and follow up sessions within 6 months are $40.  We are planning to have the testing available every 3 months or so based on availability.  

There is plenty of information on the Mobile Body Metric’s website as well as a sample report that will show the information the test provides.  Click HERE to visit the site.  On the site, you’ll find information regarding the testing process, attire to wear, how long the test takes, and answers to other frequently asked questions.  


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