Tuesday 171107


3 Rounds for time of:
10 Muscle ups
20 Toes to bar
30(22) Calories on the rower

Post time to BTWB

Walt doing some proper form weighted bear crawls.













With the holidays right around the corner, we are going to cancel Gymnastics class on Thursday night.  Given people will be traveling during the holidays, we are going to hold off on any specialty classes until after the new year when people’s travel schedules calm down.  We will add in Sprint at 5:30 pm to replace Gymnastics on Thursday nights.  

In the new year we will be starting our next cycle of Barbell Club as well as adding a few other specialty classes.  The key to success in these classes will be consistent attendance so rather than starting now with people traveling quite a bit, we’ll wait for the new year.

As yesterday’s blog touched on, we have the Bod Pod coming on November 16th.  We have also requested a second visit of the Bod Pod to occur during the 2nd week of February.  This will be about 3 months after the initial test and will provide some consistency with the testing schedule.  All the details to sign up are below.  

November 16th- Chris Juestel and Mobile Body Metrics will be at Verve with their Bod Pod technology to provide body composition testing. Want to sign up? Click HERE, scroll down the page to the November 16th date on the calendar, you’ll see CrossFit Verve.  Click the date and you’ll be given instructions on how to sign up for the test. We have 2 time blocks for the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon/early evening.  Chris is open to being here throughout the day, if the demand warrants it, so please email him through his site should you have a question about another time slot during the day.  The price for the test is $50. Follow up sessions within 6 months are $40.  We have already planned for additional visits approximately every 3 months. 


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