Tuesday 171121

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
Row 250 Meters
10 Push Press 155#(105#)
20 GHD Sit ups


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Taylor using light weight to work on her technique in yesterday’s snatch workout
















I wanted to thank everyone that came out to the Turkey Challenge this past weekend to cheer on all the Verve members that participated.  I know I speak for all the members that participated when I say how amazing it was to workout and hear and see all our friends lined up along the fence cheering us on.  Having you guys cheer us on made each of us work that much harder knowing we had a great group watching and pushing us through some pretty grueling workouts.  Thankfully the weather was a lot better than in years past.

As discussed in yesterday’s blog, we have abridged schedules this week and Thanksgiving we will only have two classes.  Thanksgivings classes are always very full and we encourage all of you that are staying in town to come in and workout.  Even if the classes are full, be sure and come, but please try and sign up so we can have an idea of how many people will be attending.

For the next couple Monday’s we will be focusing our attention on the Snatch.  The Snatch is a very complicated lift that takes a lot of practice and repetitions to get comfortable with.  The goal with the programming is to make us all more comfortable with the Snatch and this means that we are going to use lighter weights and really work on our positions and technique.  Some of us may end up using a PVC or empty barbell during these sessions and that’s perfect.  To get better at the Snatch we need to do many light repetitions and each of us can find something we need to get better at.

Stay with weights that allow your best mechanics.  We are working on the full snatch so unless there is an injury that prevents you from going below parallel, plan to be in the bottom of the squat on each lift.  The volume piece at the end of each Monday will be devoted to 3 position snatches at light percentages that will improve our ability to drop under weight and focus on the little nuances that the lifts require.  The snatch is a very sexy lift when executed properly so be patient and use these days to get more comfortable.


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