Tuesday 171212

As far as possible in 12:00 minutes
Run 1 mile
Thusters 95#(65#)
Pull ups

Post time or reps to BTWB

Jen and Drew doing some weighted bear crawls before yesterday’s Snatch workouts















As you may have heard, we are using an outside source for our programming for the foreseeable future.  Train FTW is a program developed by Matt Chan and Eric O’Connor with contributions from Kevin Montoya and Jared Enderton.  Their programming methodology is very similar to the programming we have done in house, so the workouts and daily structure will be similar to what we’ve done in the past.  

For more information about TrainFTW, click HERE

In last Tuesday’s post, I wrote about habits and common ways to break bad habits and build good habits.  I asked for referrals about good books or resources you’ve read or watched and I’ve received a lot of good recommendations in person and Garret posted about a book that really resonated with him.  

This week I’m asking about documentaries you’ve seen or would recommend on topics related to nutrition or wellness.  Recently I watched a documentary on Netflix called “What the Wheat.”  The documentary is very interesting and discusses the changes in the cultivation of wheat over the years and the effects wheat can have on our bodies.  I realize that basically anything can be spun to make it sound like it’s the worst thing for you, but I enjoyed the movie and found some really interesting takeaways from it, so much so that I’ve made a few changes in my diet and I’m doing a 30 day test to see the effects the changes will have. 

Now my question, are there any documentaries that you’ve seen recently that you found interesting and would recommend?  I understand we don’t all have the same interests when it comes to nutrition and how we fuel ourselves, but I’m always curious to see what our members are into and what sources they are using to build their knowledge base on all topics related to health and wellness.  If you’ve seen or read something that you found interesting, please comment so others can give it read or watch.  





  1. Maddie :

    One of my all time favorites is the Netflix mini series, Cooked. It breaks down Michael Pollan’s latest book (he’s the dude that wrote The Omnivore’s Dilema.) What I love about this series is that it makes me actually want to eat and cook and share food with the humans I love (versus never eat meat again or feel like I have to only eat the food I’ve grown and scavenged in Rino…) It doesn’t operate on fear to pivot the way we eat. It operates on connection and nourishment and delicious food. Love it.

  2. Drew :

    Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (Netflix) was a great reminder to live consciously and deliberately with regard to how you spend your time & money, and make choices in general. An advertising/imagery filled world encourages thoughtless “because I’m supposed to” types of decisions, this piece makes a poignant and actionable case to be mindful instead.

  3. Taylor :

    “King Corn” is both hilarious and sobering, it’s about how corn has infiltrated almost everything we eat and what that means for both our bodies and the environment.

  4. Eric :

    Great, thanks for the recommendations!

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