Tuesday 171219

Open workout 15.5
For time:
Calorie Row
Thruster 95#(65#)

Brendan taking a moment to get Zen before going overhead.

















A big thank you to everyone that came to our 2nd Annual Chili Cook off this past Saturday.  So many great recipes and plenty of judges to help crown the winning Chili cooked by Brandon Gouker.  

Today we are tackling a past Open workout, the fabulous combination of thrusters and rowing for calories.  We can all agree that there is something about the Open that gives us that extra push.  Even though we aren’t in the middle of the Open, the workout should be approached with a similar mindset, that this is going to hurt so good.  

The way to approach this workout is to make sure that we don’t go too fast out of the gate.  With a workout such as this, you want to control your heart rate as long as you can and the overall goal should be to continue to move and limit the amount of rest you take.  The thruster volume is high and for those of us that did Fran last week, we know the feeling that thrusters produce.  Have a game plan prior to starting the workout and try to stick with it throughout the workout.  If you plan to break up the thrusters, then break up the thrusters.  Sometimes, when we hear go, we throw our plan out the window and go just based on feel.  We all feel good at the beginning of a workout, but this workout is sneaky and can go from good to bad quickly, so have a plan and stick to it in the beginning.  

The end of the workout is different.  If you paced properly and have some gas in the tank towards the end of the workout, then push it and finish this sucker as hard as you can.  Try not to finish and feel as though you had more in you and didn’t quite push it at the end.   Having a plan on how to approach this workout and sticking to it, will yield a better result and hopefully give you the desired intensity the workout is designed for.  The actual Open is only a couple months away so plan on seeing more Open retests and use the opportunity to practice pacing strategies so that when the 2018 Open begins, you’ll have a good idea on how to approach the workouts.  


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