Tuesday 180109

With a partner:
70 Clean & jerks, accumulated, 135#(95#)
70 Double unders each person, relay style
120 Handstand push-ups, accumulated
120 Double unders each person, relay style

*There is a 20 minute cap on the workout.
































Ladies and gents, the above pictures are of the lost and found bin and the shakers and water bottles that have accumulated over the last few weeks.  If you are missing anything or see something that is yours, be sure and take it home as we are going to be making a trip to good will in the next few days.

30 day challenges are all the rage right now.  I know a few people that are currently in the middle of some challenges such as no dairy for 30 days, no wheat for 30 days, no sugar for 30 days.  I personally have done the no sugar and no wheat challenge, but I’m curious if there are any other challenges that are currently happening and if so, have you noticed any amazing changes to the way your feel?

30 day challenges are great, because it’s not such a long time that it sounds impossible, but it’s usually enough time to notice a change, whether good or bad.

What 30 day challenges are you guys currently trying?  Post to comments any challenges you’re doing or resources that you have that might convince others to give it a shot.


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