Push jerk 75% of 1RM 5X4

Followed by;

Five rounds for time:

10 Power snatches 115#/75# (65% of 1RM)

20 Wallballs 20#/15#

Post time and loads to comments.


"CrossFit is Fun", Elizabeth, James, and Dan.

Most of us take stress for granted, as a part of daily life.  We're strong, we eat well, our bodies can handle a little stress, right?  How much stress do you have in your daily and weekly life?  Do you do something special to relieve stress?  If so, let us know what you do.


  1. Matt :

    I relieve stress by listening to Katie’s soothing “woooooooo” cheer every morning at 6am. It’s like the sound of the ocean.
    Hey, Mas’ spicy pork wraps will be added to the fuel page tonight… stay tuned!

  2. Sara Weisbart :

    I go to Crossfit to relieve stress. Seriously. It’s the only thing that is working these days!
    Mmm, looking forward to that recipe.

  3. Monique Orthober :

    I always schedule my Crossfit workout for right after work. By the time I get home from the WOD, I am relaxed and over any stress of the day.

  4. Tiff :

    ditto monique!
    also…fresh air. even if it’s just for a little bit. hot tubs. cartwheels. laughing. forcing myself to list all the saweet details of life until i feel better. massages…at least once a month. sleep. the mountains. chopping veggies. music. candles and good smelling stuff. clean sheets. driving fast. acting drunk…no, not getting drunk, just pretending. try it…you’ll like it. =) coloring. twister. breathing. visualizing. journaling. double unders. haha.
    kumbayah, baby.

  5. I make sure I get my down time. If I can’t stare into space for awhile, I’m no good to the rest of the world. Oh yeah and learning how to set boundaries so people don’t dump their shit on me has been huge for my mental state as well.
    Also, lately it seems that Verve is turning into somewhat of a safe haven for me. It’s all about doing better at something and you really can’t think about other stuff during that hour.

  6. gerson m :

    crossfit, everything else (stress) goes out the window… for the 10-30 minutes all i’m thinking about is breathing! yes! crossfit is freakin’ fun!
    and… going for a bike ride, a good movie, swimming, watchin‘ my dog swim n snort like a pig, baseball, wrestling with my brother, four wheeling in my jeep n getting stuck, music… having a couple of brews -n- laughing it up with my peeps, thats aways good to relieve some stress

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