Deadlift 75% of 1RM, 3 sets of 4 reps

Then, for time:

100ft Walking lunges
21 Sit-ups
21 Ring dips
100ft Walking lunges
18 Sit-ups 
18 Ring dips
100ft Walking lunges
15 Sit-ups
15 Ring dips
100ft Walking lunges
12 Sit-ups
12 Ring dips
100ft Walking lunges
9 Sit-ups
9 Ring dips
100ft Walking lunges
6 Sit-ups
6 Ring dips

Compare to: April 8th, 2009

Post time to comments.


Tiffany has been injury free for a while now and it shows – so strong!

There has been a lot of interest in another nutrition challenge.  We're happy to announce that starting Sunday August 1st we'll be starting a "Zone/Real Food Challenge."  Details will be announced soon, but you can count on a 6 week commitment, great prizes, and dramatic before and after pics. 

Have you ever wondered why we always add "Post time to comments" at the bottom of the posted WOD?  When we repeat workouts, we always post a link to the last date we performed the WOD.  If you posted your time to the comments section, you have an easy way of tracking your progress.  Of course, you can always find your time in our logbooks, which are always kept at the gym.  But since we receive at a lot of posts from our members anyway, why not post your time and thoughts about the WOD?!?


  1. Alan :

    Damn…Can we start that challenge on Sept 1st!? LOL! Just Kidding. Anna and I have a cruise during the month of August! There is no way I can go the whole week without the Chocolate Lava Cake! That is really the only reason I go on Carnival Cruises! 😉

  2. Danimal :

    Jared says the hardest part of this WOD was all the lunges. Can’t wait to find out… looks like a long one.
    Super excited about the dead lifts too. Moving around that much weight, that many times is a real strength trainer for sure!

  3. James :

    I’d like to raise a question for our trainers (and others) to weigh in on: I’ve been reading a few articles that argue that anyone who can’t do the WOD as rx’d in the same time that it takes someone like, say, Matt Chan, should scale the workout such that he’s capable of finishing the WOD in that time. The argument, as I understand it, is that the WODs are designed to train particular metabolic pathways and that if they take you a longer period of time, you’re not properly training those pathways. My approach has always been that if I can do the WOD as rx’d, I do it, regardless of how long it will take me. I’ve always thought that just finishing the WOD as rx’d would give me a better training effect than scaling. But this crossfitottawa article (http://crossfitottawa.com/lportal/web/guest/camps) is leading me to rethink that notion. If I’m shortchanging my training by NOT scaling, I’m willing to scale more. What do you guys think about this concept? Is crossfit more effective as a training tool if the athlete scales the WODs to be able to apply the appropriate (in crossfit’s eyes) amount of intensity?
    Also, I’m a big fan of the maximum effort lifts pre-workout.

  4. Matt :

    …..and those scaled weights (loads) should be more specific to the individual rather than just as close to Rx as possible. Maybe… um, say off of a 1RM?
    James, you get an A+!!! You’ll laugh when you read tomorrow’s post.

  5. Danimal :

    James, this is something that I’ve thought about too.
    Crossfit workouts always seem to challenge me at what ever I’m bad at. If I’m not strong enough to get some good metcon (cardio), then that strength deficit will hold me back until I fix it. On the other hand, if I’m super strong but can’t maintain any kind of a rate, that’s what’ll hold me back. So, for me, Crossfit isn’t just about getting your metcon in, it’s working on whatever that ‘thing’ is that holds you back. He uses the example that ‘Diane’ should be like ‘Fran’: short, fast and only using the glycolytic pathway. For me ‘Diane’ all about strength, only because I’m week. Other WODs get my metcon just fine.
    Cool post James!

  6. Chris :

    why must you keep us in suspense about the new challenge????

  7. Matt :

    Chris, we’re working out the details… we’ll have it ready for you in a week. Not to worry, it’ll be challenging.

  8. Gerson M :

    At first I wasn’t a fan of scaling down, I was all about RX and “push thru push thru!” and then adding these max loads before a WOD was a bit of a curve ball, but I’m a fan too cuz it adds a new challenge to my day… all n all I’m looking forward to the strength gains n PR’s that are goin’ to get smashed at Verve… my random thought this morning… now my head hurts! See you guys in the PM.

  9. Anna :

    So is anyone interested in doing the battlefield crossfit July 31-Aug 1 in Ft Collins?

  10. Jen :

    Are people still going to run tonight (Chris) if it rains?

  11. tiff :

    anna…what is that all about? haven’t heard of it?!
    it sounds freakin fun, whatever it is! =)

  12. Erin :

    When is the next swimming WOD? Bummed I missed out on last Sunday’s…didn’t get back from camping in time…
    For those interested in hiking Long’s Peak August 3/4 stay tuned for a post from Cherie with all the pertinent info! Save the date!

  13. tim m :

    17:28 rx’d

  14. Matt :

    11:45 (subbed burpees for ring dips).
    The next swimming WOD is August 9th – check the coming attractions page for more details.

  15. Zac Pine :

    yes more swimming!!!!

  16. Catherine :

    Listen, I’ll scale if the bosses say scale. I just want to get better. So you tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it!
    OH and I did this workout in 20-something minutes. The ring dips took me longer b/c I’m not good at them yet. The good thing is that I’m so right side dominant that it forces my left side (retarded side) to actually pull its weight. I did get about 5 in a row with the band helping me though. WOOOHOOOO!!! Wasn’t pretty and I’m sore. 🙂

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