Five rounds for max reps:

Back Squat – Body weight for max reps, then straight into
Push up – for max reps
Rest 3-5 minutes

Squat and push up must have full range of motion.  The push up can not brake at the hip, resting in a plank pose is acceptable between reps. Please use spotters!
Post reps and load to comments.
For those of you who haven't met Leslie, not only is she strong, she's a joy to have in the gym – say Hi!
 Neuromuscular Facilitation, also called muscle memory, is one of the most important factors in the adaptation of strength as an athlete, but more importantly as a novice.  When we try new movements or activities, our brain sends a electrical impulse to activate the muscles needed.  When this movement or pathway is unfamiliar, it is like driving with grandma in a big city and she has no idea where she is going.  You end up taking seventeen different streets to go five blocks.  As grandma lives in the city, she learns the quickest pathway from point A to point B.  The body reacts in a similar way.  As your mind works to find the best pathway to move your body it starts finding short cuts and movements become more efficient.  With the strength movements at CrossFit, novice people can see strength gains from 20-40 percent in little time with small gain in muscle mass.  The gains are attributed to the neuromuscular connection.  Now that grandma spent some time in the city (going through  repetition after repetition) and finding the most efficient path, she can start pouring on the gas!!!  Allowing you mind to catch up to your body will make you more efficient in the long run.    

We use a lot of fine motor control in our daily lives like typing, brushing our hair, and using a pen.  It took a lot of training to make these movements efficient if you don't believe me go brush your teeth with the opposite hand tonight and see how easy it is.


  1. Chris :

    Does anybody have info on that fun run at patrick carrols on Tuesday nights? I need to improve my running and that seems like a fun way to do it!

  2. Matt :

    Chris, take a look at the West Side Runners link on the left. It is a great time for all abilities and there are a couple different days they meet (Tues/Sat). They leave Patrick Carrol’s at 6:30pm for a 3.0 mile run every Tuesday. Have fun!

  3. Dave Powell :

    DFD Engine 16
    Lt. Powell 20 sq. 50 (135lb)
    Eng Riviere 7sq 20(95lb)
    Donatelli 10sq 23(135lb)
    Volkman 15sq 25(195lb)

  4. Cool workout. I´ll have to do this one tomorrow for sure.
    with (2) 40lb dumbells, 7 Rounds for time of: 20 lunges and 10 renegade rows. 23 minutes or so.
    Cheers everybody. I wish was still there but the Galapagos await. hehe!

  5. Cherie :

    Dave – Great to hear from you. Thanks to you we have a new family member. Everyone welcome Liz.
    Dan take care of Sara while she’s there. Miss you both.

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