In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute.  This is a five minute round from which a one minute break is allowed before repeating for a total of three cycles.  The stations are:

Deadlift, 185# (145#)

Hurdles, 24" (20")

Ball slams 15# (12#)

Kettlebell snatch, 54# (35#)


The clock does not stop or reset between exercises.  On the call of "rotate", the athletes immediately move to the next station for a good score.  One point is given for each rep.

Post total score to comments.


Meet Lil, one of our new members that you'll be seeing around CFV.

A few months after CrossFitting, we seem to down play the significance of our achievments.  We begin taking the remarkable for granted.  For weeks on end we are challenged to the point of complete exhaustion, where collapse is the only option.  Tasks that used to seem monumental are now "just another day at the office."  For example, running a 5k, climbing 5.10, skiing bump runs all day, so on and so on…

Think for a moment about how far you've come from when you started at CFV.  We see huge changes in each one of you, even if you don't see them in yourself.  Simple things like using prescribed weights, a couple of new notches in the belt, a few inches off your hips, faster times and more intensity, or even more confidence in your work capacity.  Things that you might overlook, we see in you.  Keep your eyes on the prize and just think what you'll be like in a few more months… you animal.


  1. Tiff :

    how many rounds? …looking forward to this! =)

  2. Erin Johnson :

    Yesterdays WOD as RX’d
    Erin: 22:50
    I’m one day behind! Been on a 48…looking forward to working out with the gang tomorrow! EJ

  3. Nice catch Tiffany, the post has been updated to include total rounds.

  4. WOD:
    Tiffany 300 (mod, 95#, 12kg)
    Stef 340 (95#, 12kg)
    Joei 302 (95#, 12kg)
    Luke P. 316
    Luke 273
    Barry 278
    Chelsea 330 (95#, 8kg)
    Jake 282 (12kg)
    Tom 278 (16kg)
    Mas 344
    Cherie 301
    Anthony 358
    Lisa 265 (95#, 8kg)
    Kiley 366 (115#)
    Dan 412
    Amy 306
    Jared 328
    Anna 300
    KB Swings, Push Press WOD
    15:13 (45#)
    7rds: 10 burpees, 10 ball slams
    Tom 11:01
    AMRAP 20 min.: 10 burpees, 10 ball slams
    Lil 7 rds
    “Baseline +”
    Melissa 9:14

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