For time:

Row 1000m

50 Medicine ball cleans, 20# (15#)

30 Dumbell push press, 40# (25#)

Post time to comments.


Hillary, box jumpin' during Monday's WOD. 

This Saturday morning at 10am, we will join MBS CrossFit in Broomfield for a WOD.  The workout will be a team format workout that will prove to be very challenging, but super fun.  If you are interested in changing your schedule to attend this WOD, please let us know in advance, as we'd like to RSVP a number to MBS.  For those of you that missed the Parker Fire workout last weekend, this is another oppportunity to meet fellow CrossFitters.


  1. Crossfit make me cry…. just glad to be off tomorrow suckers!!! LOL
    P.S. The nickname was bestowed upon me by amy a year ago…

  2. Stef :

    What’s scary is CrossFit makes Danimal cry… Gettin ready for round two today. I’m so excited…. i’m so excited.. i’m so…. scared (any takers, totally quoted something right there)

  3. Kiley :

    I’m bummed today is my rest day — the WOD looks awsome!

  4. anthony :

    Nice Save By the Bell Quote Stef. I beleive that was the one were Jesse was all hopped up on diet pills or uppers.

  5. Cass :

    It scares me that you know that, Anthony!! 🙂 Great workout today, it was a tough one!

  6. Amy :

    Kiley- by bummed, I think you meant to say “So incredibly relieved that you did not have your ass handed to you” today………..
    So, I am “bummed” out that tomorrow is my rest day.

  7. Amy :

    just kidding. I love CF!

  8. Matt :

    Anna 10:53
    Cherie 11:03 +4MUs
    Ben 10:12 +3MUs
    Mas 10:56
    Emmalee 11:24 almost 1MU
    Jared 11:14
    Cheresa 11:10
    Mike 15:07 as RX’d!
    Amy 14:55 (20#DBs)
    Cass (4#, 15#DBs)
    Joei 14:50 (10#, 20#DBs)
    Steff 16:16 (10#, 20#DBs)
    Jen 15:07 (10#, 20#DBs)
    Matt 7:36
    Anthony 9:07
    Fun WOD today!

  9. Cass :

    Hey Matt, what was my time?

  10. Matt :

    That’s funny… I must be getting sleepy.
    Cass 14:33 (4#, 15#DBs)
    Cass, I’m proud of you. You’re looking stronger, both your arms are working, and your form is improving every day. Keep up the good work!

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