Tuesday 150203

Bench Press

5 Rounds not for time:
10 Bench Press @ 50% of 3RM
:45 sec HS hold

Post weights to BTWB.

Airdynes for sale.  Place your bids.

Airdynes for sale. Place your bids.

Verve is going to be upgrading our stationary bike set up.  We’ve ordered a few assault bikes and we should be getting them very soon.  That being said we need to make some room for our new bikes.

As you know we have two airdynes that are both in different levels of adequate condition.  If you’ve ever been on them you know that one of the pedals is a little funky on one and the other one has some screen damage.  Both will work well with a little TLC and some money put into them.

We are going to be silent auctioning off both of the bikes.  If you have a garage gym and think that one of the bikes would make a nice addition, here’s what you need to do.  Send me an email, eric@crossfitverve.com with you best offer for either or both of the bikes.  We’ll call them Pedal for the one with the pedal problem and Screen for the one with the screen problem. In the email, tell me which bike you would like to bid on and how much you are willing to bid.  On Friday I’ll go through the emails and take a look at the offers.  The highest offer for the bikes will then be new owners.  

You will be responsible for picking up the bike or bikes and bringing them to their new home.  

If you have any questions please ask me at them gym.  As far as condition of the bikes, if you’re interested, I recommend getting on them and giving them a spin to see how they work.  For value estimates you can simply look on craigslist to get an idea of what a bike goes for in varying conditions.    

The Body Fat Test will be returning to Verve in February. Get signed up now:
Click HERE for Wednesday, February 11th ALL DAY
Click HERE for Thursday, February 12th AM ONLY

Community WOD this coming Saturday morning at 8 am.  Tell your friends and better yet, drag them along for a nice early morning workout.  

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