Overhead Squat 75% of 1RM, 5×4
Then, for time:
1000m Row
500m Row
250m Row
Rest as needed between efforts.
Last done on April 21, 2009.
Post times to comments.
Kelly Brown, of CrossFit Agoge, beginning her descent into an assisted iron cross.
An efficient rowing technique is easier to attain than one might think, yet athletes often forego the principle structure of the rowing progression for something that looks more like a snake-like seizure.  While warming up today, try this on for size:
The catch: begin by aligning your knees with your ankles, making your shins vertical.  You'll have straight arms at this point, with your back set in extension and torso leaning slightly forward.  This will be the beginning and end of every stroke.
Legs, back, hands: An efficient rowing stroke will begin from the catch with a strong leg drive.  When you apply force against the heel stretchers, you are going to strongly extend the knees, while keeping your torso and hips in the same position.  Next, begin opening the hip and bringing your torso 10 to 15 degrees back.  At this point your arms are still straight.  Lastly, reach the finish by pulling the handle to your abdomen ("hands").
The return:Once the handle is pulled to your belly, we're going to begin the journey back to the catch.  With the handle pulled snugly to the abdomen, we are going to allow the chain to quickly retract by fully extending the arms ("swing") with your knees still extended.  Next, you are going to return the torso to the forward position.  Lastly, you can rebend the knees and return to the catch ("in"). 
Putting the whole she-bang together, we should have something that looks like this: legs, back, hands, swing, and in.  All of the power comes from the legs, back, hands portion of the pull, so don't waste your energy speeding through the return.  Allow yourself a split second of recovery during the return and give the pull all your might.
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  1. Jeff McDowell :

    Today was a doozy! Today’s WOD looked so innocent like a baby bunny but then BAM!!!! You’re knee deep into it and that lil bunny is punching you in the face with a 1, 2, TKO!!
    My pace was 1:50 first round, 1:55 second and 1:47 the last with a 1:90 rest in between.
    Patrick (my boss) is joining me now and he did 2:05, 2:10, 2:00 on his. He tried to match my pace since I was first but I warned him that he should pace himself. To which he gave the “pffttt… yeah sure”
    After I said “Welcome to Crossfit, where bad a$$es are made.” While we both lay on the floor in exhaustion lol.

  2. Jeff McDowell :

    Matt & Cherie,
    Nice pic on CF.com! Was that the last cert Cherie went too? It was cool to show my buds that you both made the main site. Cherie, a late congrats too!

  3. stef :

    anyone else have, “row, row, row your boat… gently down the stream” in their head when they read this workout?
    I’m sure that’s the LAST THING i’ll be thinking if I can make it tonight.

  4. Matt :

    Jeff, Cherie is actually interning to become a CF HQ Trainer, that’s why she isn’t wearing the orange shirt (yet).
    About 30 minutes after the 250m row, I’m beginning to feel normal. Holy smokes!!! Whitmire… are you hiding?!?!
    3:07d7, 1:32d6 (whoops), :44d8
    Can I just say… Catherine – amazing trasformation.

  5. Aww! Thanks! That means a lot for sure! I really appreciate it! Thanks for the awesome coaching and encouragement. I’m on the right path because of your guidance and the best cameraderie ever in your gym 🙂 Love ya guys!
    Great job to the Noon class today! It was hard but I’ll not look at the 500m row with quite as much dread now. So that’s good :).

  6. Emmalee :

    Main site wod today, no rower at work! 9 rounds in 20 minutes.

  7. James :

    Matt, next time you want to play you gotta give me some advance warning. 3:00.7/1:32.8/40.7. Good race on that last one, Courtney.

  8. Luke :

    Great class today @ 5:30. Never felt so solid on OHS’s, and I put together some butterfly pull-ups. Ben, thanks for pushing me on the rowing. It’s definitely not my strong-suit, so it was good to have someone to chase. Word to your mother. 🙂

  9. Don’t forget! (Am I getting obnoxious enough about this bbq yet?)
    End of Summer BBQ Extravaganza
    Date:Saturday, August 29, 2009
    Time:4:00pm – 11:00pm
    Location:My House
    Street:1239 Vivian Street
    City/Town:Lakewood, CO
    Hey! It’s time to break my new digs in by having an end-of-summer party! Let’s celebrate the end to a pretty darned good season (minus the crazy hail). Come one, come all :). Let’s grill up some meat and veggies, have some good beer and just generally whoop it up!
    All I ask is that you bring a side of your choosing and if you’ve got a special favorite alcohol, bring that. I’ll be providing some basic beer, chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs in addition to chips and several Zone diet friendly dishes etc. If you want to bring your own meat and grill it up, feel free to do so. Also, if you’re on a special diet, bring a side that will honor that (as I’m sure if enough people from Verve come, there should be plenty of choices).
    **as I don’t have a ton of patio furniture, bring a camping chair if you have it so you can have a place to kick back.**
    **Kids and family are welcome but please leave your pooches at home. I have the little pygmy goats that tend to look delicious to dogs. My own dogs will be sequestered for their own sanity.

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