For time:

50 Kettlebell swings 53#/35#

50 Walking lunges

50 Kettlebell snatches 53#/35#

50 Walking lunges

50 Kettlebell presses 53#/35#

50 Walking lunges

Post time and thoughts to comments.


Pull-ups in the park.

We hesitate mentioning the great weather we’re having in Denver becuase We don’t want to jinx it.  But, right now is a great time to come out to Commons Park and give this CrossFit thing a shot (I actually got a sunburn yesterday).  Until we move into our permanent location, we are offering a promotional monthly rate of $95, which is good as long as you maintain your membership status.  So when we move in (which we are planning for January 1st), you get to keep your promotional rate.  Come join the CFV family!


  1. Vervepipe,
    Here is the monthly challenge for November. This month was Tim’s turn to put up the challenge. Looks like Rhabdo to me, but what do I know? MBS will be hitting this up sometime the next two weeks. Sub 15 pullups for rope climb. Enjoy!

  2. Matt :

    Is that WOD to be completed over multiple days? Oh damn!

  3. charlie :

    Very interesting…read it all…now I just have to take a nap to digest that low-glycemic Wolff diet:) Good food for thought…I think I will be considering that Montrose trip…and hey, the skiing is a good hook!

  4. Matt :

    Then we’ll carpool Charlie!

  5. No, it’s supposed to be done in one session. Although, splitting it up over a week does sound better.

  6. Zac Pine :

    Hey Matt the bumpers that we have at CFSCC are the power max bumpers. This is from a site that I found, but I’ll ask who the gym got there’s from. http://www.theg2scart.com/260lb_Hybrid_Bumper_Set_p/pm-hybrid-set%20v2.htm

  7. Cherie :

    Kiley: 11:29 (16#)
    Amy: 15:32(16#)
    Jared: 14:35(35#, subbed waited sit-ups for lunges)
    Dan: 11:25(35#)
    Mike: 12:28 (24#)
    Elements 2
    10 rounds
    7 Push-ups
    7 KB Presses
    7 Squats
    Hillary: 13:50 (16#, Knee)
    Liz: 11:25 (24#)
    Cherie: O-lift (dead, clean, squat, jerk)

  8. Matt :

    10:29 as rx’d

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