Broad jump 100 feet for reps of:

Five rounds for time:

Wall balls 20# (12#)

Ball slams

Sit ups

To establish the reps for this workout, you broad jump for 100 feet.  The number of broad jumps that it takes you to cross the 100 foot mark is the number of repetitions you’ll use for the timed portion of the WOD.

Post reps and time to comments.


Who’s ready for a "buddy WOD"?  Call a friend to come in with you for Saturday’s WOD because it’s going to two person pain extravaganza.  Movements that are normally fairly simple are totally different (read: harder) when supporting a partner too.  Check out Matt and Jordan from CrossFit By Overload doing pistols…

CrossFit: The Fast, Furious Workout Craze by MSN Health and Fitness


  1. Roeper :

    Nice website Chan’s! It looks like things are going well for you guys. Take care and keep in touch.

  2. cherie :

    Thanks for dropping in, and for the kind words. Hope we get a chance to see you some time soon.
    Cheers Cherie

  3. matt :

    Anxious to try this one they went out to the park at 9pm (the time of the posting)
    Anthony 12:45 20 reps
    Sarah 13:12 24 reps
    Matt 8:40 17 reps

  4. Matt :

    Hey Roeper, we need to get in touch with Katie about some silk screening… I’ll give you a call. Did you have fun in Texas?

  5. Mike P :

    Can you do Burpees in that saloon girl outfit?

  6. Matt :

    Don’t challenge her Mikey, you know everything is a competition 🙂 We couldn’t figure out where you had seen that picture for a while…

  7. cherie :

    Elements 1 “Karen” 150 Wall Balls for time
    Amy (4#) 10:33
    Jared (12#) 15:16
    Great job guys.
    Today’s WOD:
    Anna 13:09 – 17 reps
    cherie 12:32 (20#WB) – 15 reps
    Nice night in the park.

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