Five rounds for time:

250m Row

30 Dumbell split jerks, 40# (25#)

Rest 3 minutes

Cookie: Tabata double unders

Post time to comments.

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Nat before and after the zone/real food challenge

And the winner of the Zone/Real Food Challenge is… Nat!  Congratulations Nat on taking the field with your amazing increased work capacity.  While going over the numbers we had to check and recheck Nat's to make sure that we were actually seeing things right.  In a two month period Nat increased his Fran power output by 35%, dropping his time by almost three minutes.  While his increase in fitness with Fran was impressive, it was not enough to win the lot.  Nat also increased his CrossFit Total by 120#'s (13%).  His average fitness increase was 24%.  Image a person shoulder pressing 100lbs max in August and increasing that to 124lbs max in October(Nat's shoulder press is actually 185lbs, but it illustrates my point). 

While Nat didn't see a huge percentage change (1.7%) in his body composition, he clearly gained muscle and has increased definition (though NOT a factor in his winning). His overall change in body composition and fitness averaged out to 13%.  Over 3% more than the runner up male.  

Nat will receive; one free month at Verve, $150 cash, a Buddy Lee magic jump rope and a new Verve t-shirt.

We will continue to highlight athlete changes over the next few weeks as Nat and Caitlin are not the only athletes that achieved remarkable results.  Congratulations to all who competed and are dedicated to make healthy choices everyday.


  1. derek :

    Congrats Nat, Wow you can see a huge difference awesome job

  2. Nice! Congrats Nat! Lookin’ fiiiiiiine!

  3. Caitlin :

    Nice work Nat!

  4. Anna :

    Okay Girls, anyone up for salsa? Come out and learn how to salsa Oct 24th at La Rumba. We can eat early then head to La Rumba for salsa dancing. Apparently this is a very swanky place for those who salsa. So lets go make fools of ourselves.

  5. Anna :

    Nat congrats, so happy to see your success! lookin good

  6. Greg :

    Way to go Nat, an inspiration for those of us just starting.

  7. gerson :

    one bad mofo Nat

  8. Caitlin :

    I’m totally in.. La Rumba is really fun and the classes are good. Are we allowed to drink on the Zone 😉

  9. Donna :

    Cherie, will the winners’ t-shirts be signed by Matt? 🙂

  10. Victoria :

    Great job Nat and Caitlin! I love that I have seen you both go through the challenge and I know how hard you worked! You help get my booty there for the 7am classes! Thanks for being inspiring! See you both bright and early!!

  11. Sara Weisbart :

    Anna, I’m definitely in! Verve outings are the best!!! Congrats Nat!

  12. Anna, I must go carve punkins at what has become a great excuse for a party! Perhaps there will be other times?
    I love to dance now that I have sweet CrossFit stamina!
    Have fun 🙂

  13. Holly :

    OMG Anna, that sounds like so much fun!!!

  14. Holly :

    Congrats Nat and Caitlin! Awesome job! Truly an inspiration!

  15. Kim B :

    Congrats Nat!
    Anna – so wish I could go – I’m out of town that wkend….please plan another….love to dance and would love to get out w/the Verve group – especially to a place where I may not be the oldest!!!

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Clean & jerk 75% of 1RM, 5×4 reps

Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:

10 Thruster, 95#/65#

10 Pull-ups

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