Three rounds, 21 – 15 – 9 reps for time of:

Overhead squats, 95# (65#)

Hand stand push-ups

Post time to comments.


Kiley, opening the hips violently during a thruster.  Kiley chose tomorrow's WOD.  Stay tuned for details.

Turn your world upside-down.  Supporting your weight with your weaker extremities requires much more than just strength.  It requires balance, composure, respiratory endurance, and… well, strength.  When standing upright, the hips are the base of balance and power.  When you are inverted, the shoulders become center stage.  The center of balance also changes dramatically when the weight distribution is shifted to a higher position.

The handstand is a enlightening experience and when mastered leads to a variety of other gymnastic movements – handstand presses, cartwheels, handsprings, walkovers, and flips.  What is the major benefit for us CrossFitters?  To answer that, think of the ten elements of fitness.  Cardio/respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, agility, balance, coordination, accuracy, power, flexibility, and speed.  How many of these elements do handstands require?  The majority of them, right?  Plus handstands are fun!  Falling is fun!  Acting like a kid when you are 30+ is awesome. 

Cookie: spend 10 minutes practicing handstands and handstand rolls.


  1. Emmalee :

    Hey guys, did workout as rx. My triceps hurt and my traps. But got we done @ 10:39 owwwwwwie on the upper body!

  2. Matt :

    I am taking a mid-cycle day off… I am toasted! For those of you who did yesterday’s WOD and today’s, nice work. Too scary for me.

  3. anthony :

    Mas 6:48 (mod. HSPU)
    Mike 14:00 (mod. HSPU)
    Joei 12:11 (35#, mod. HSPU)
    Stef 7:48 (20# mod. HSPU)
    Cheresa 10:25 (60# 12 wall, rest mod. HSPU)
    Joylyn 10:11 (mod. HSPU)
    Luke 9:25 (mod. HSPU)
    Emily 10:23 (35#, mod. HSPU)
    Brit 11:45 (25#, mod. HSPU)
    Tom 9:51 (45#, mod. HSPU)
    Nicole 9:52 (40#, 15# dumbbell press)
    Anna 8:32
    Alan 17:50
    Sherry 8:32 (sand filled PVC, mod. HSPU)
    Elizabeth 7:54 (45#, HSPU mod.)
    Kristin 9:40 (55#, HSPU mod.)
    Melissa E#4
    11:34 (25#, blue band)
    Tiffany 5:22 (one arm overhead kettlebell squat #26, press 20# one arm and 5# the other)
    Way to tough it out tonight guys two really hard movements put together, don’t get discouraged. Weaknesses are opportunities for improvement. Hanstands take practice. Kepp up all the hard work you guys are doing great.

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