For time:

100 Squats, then 5 rounds of:

20 Deadlift, 135# (95#)

20 Box jump, 24″ (20″)

Post time to comments.

“The Chief” from Matt Chan on Vimeo.

Kristin, Luke, and Dan doing the benchmark WOD – “The Chief”.

Today’s cookie: hand stand push up ladder.

Active rest – what the hell is that?  Active rest is the practice of using a slower pace during exercise to recover.  To the beginner this sounds like a bad joke, as most movements that are incorporated into our workouts don’t facilitate any rest (other than lying on the floor trying to catch your breath).  As your capacity for work increases, a slower pace does offer a degree of “rest”.  Try it during this WOD: your heart will surely be pounding after the box jumps, take a slow walk back to the bar and utilize a much slower pace for the first 10 deadlifts.  Finish the last deadlifts hard and attack the box jumps again.  Active rest… what do you think? 


  1. Wyman :

    That’s a bad ass video. It looks a lot cooler that what Lt Williams, Burkie, and I did at 6’s listening to f-ing Stevie Nicks on 103.9. The Verve is looking good.

  2. Alan :

    Get your butt down here Michael and workout with us! I’ve seen your times you’ve posted here in the comments! You’d rock down here! You know, it would help your training for the death march too! =)

  3. Amy :

    Yesterday’s “two hour hike to the cave drawings” should have been more accurately described as a 5 hour strenuous hike up a cliff with spots of rock climbing……I did not end up doing a WOD yesterday.
    Today’s WODs:
    5 rounds for time:
    50 double-unders
    50 squats
    Amy: 23:34
    Reid: 24:00
    With a continuously running clock, do 1 push-up the first minute, 2 push-ups the second minute, 3 push-ups the third minuteā€¦ for as long as you are able. (You can sub hand stand push-ups if you so choose.)
    Amy: 12 (78 push ups total)
    Michelle: 11 (66 push ups total)
    For time, 50,40,30,20,10 sit ups:
    Amy: 8:32
    Michelle: 8:31
    ( I know that is a horrible time for a CrossFitter but my spine is cut from the challenge with Westminster and I kept bleeding and was in a lot of pain!….Plus, I am going kyaking later today!)

  4. Matt :

    Amy, way to stay on top of it… bleeding spine and all.
    Alan, I’ve already baited Wyman to move to Denver. Apparently he enjoys shooting animals and living with his wife more than CrossFitting at Verve. I suppose I can understand that.

  5. James :

    Active rest. That’s funny, Matt. I don’t think I’m at the fitness level where deadlifting 135 lbs at any speed is active rest for me. Active rest for me is staggering around trying to catch my breath, but still staying upright.
    That having been said, we all have our own fitness levels and goals and the beautiful thing about CrossFit is the ability to scale the principles to different people. As you point out in your post for tomorrow – the point isn’t necessarily beating the guy or gal next to you (although that’s nice), the point is beating you from yesterday and pursuing relentless self-improvement.

  6. Cherie :

    Anna 15:16
    Jason 21:28
    Joylyn 19:41
    Cass 23:13 (75#, 18″)
    Cherie 11:58
    Anthony 15:14
    Alan 15:15
    Luke 15:49
    James 20:38
    Steff 18:48 (75#, 1/2 step-ups)
    Hillary 18:54 (75#)
    Joei 18:13 (75#)
    Jen 26:21 (85# 18″box)
    Cheresa 15:45
    Jared 17:59
    Lisa 17:40
    Elements #3
    Mike 7 rounds of 10 ball cleans and 10 burpees in 20 minutes.
    CrossFit; Where it is possible to get a running cramp without running – Jason

  7. Cherie :

    Well put James…

  8. Matt :

    Well said James… tomorrow’s WOD is the perfect proving ground for competing with yourself. People are always surprised what they are capable of when the believe in themselves. Go hard or go home!

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