Five rounds for time:

30 Double unders

10 Handstand push-ups

Post time to comments.


Dan Fong, West Metro Firefighter and CrossFit Verve badass.

Let's get inverted!!!  Handstand push-ups are a body control movement where you are pressing nearly 100% of your body weight, as opposed to a push-up which requires pressing only 60%.  Rather than depending on pectoralis major, the handstand push-ups recruits the anterior and lateral deltoids, as well as the upper trapezius.  Sorry fellas, no chesticle development today.

To start your handstand,walk your feet into a lunge position and place your hands close to the wall (finger tips approximately 4" away from the wall).  With your arms locked out, kick up in a controlled fashion until your heels are both in contact with the wall.  Now you're inverted – YAY!  Get comfortable in this position and find your "hollow rock".  What is the "hollow rock" position?  Your shoulders are active with your chin pointed down towards your sternum.  Take the curve out of your lumbar spine by tucking your ribs into your abdomen (don't overdo this).  Lastly, point your tootsies towards the ceiling.

From here we have lots of options, spotter assisted HSPU's, band assisted HSPU's, negatives, or regular old HSPU's.  Play with each variation and get comfortable being inverted.  Handstand push-ups are hard - no doubt about it, but they are fun!



  1. Jack :

    Matt, when are you guys starting the wednesday friday thangy?

  2. Dan :

    Damn this work thing. HSPUs are my Everest!

  3. Dan :

    Also, hilarious caption.

  4. Alan :

    Dan, you are such a Sexy Beast!

  5. Mark :

    wow…anyone else have some seriously sore shoulders from yesterday?

  6. Jeff McDowell :

    Zac is that you in the video of kipping pullups on CFJ??? If so, that was one hell of a rastafarian outfit!!!!

  7. derek :

    Really enjoyed the workout today, got the chance to work on two things I really have wanted to work on. Double Unders are so mentally frustrating but getting a lot better every time I have done them lately, and HSPU are pretty tough for me (lots of weight to push) but they are getting better too. I also really enjoyed the skills stuff we did at the end of the class as well it was really a challenge and fun. btw I like Matt’s red shoes..but then again I am a grown man who wears superheros everyday so take my opinion for what it’s worth.

  8. Tiff :

    is it weird that lying in certain positions and breathing deeply really hurt…like…HURT today…??!!??!! the body is screaming for some rejuvenation and healing. note to self: stretching is so damn important. my shoulders***/knees/hips have never felt so painfully tight in my life! (of course this is also the MOST i have moved my whole life…heh) and i didn’t even notice it until i moved my body around in a different way. guess the more i use em, the more i should stretch em. 😉 looking forward to weaving healing aspects (yoga, stretching, massage therapy, meditation, etc) into the intensity of crossfit and seeing what results….
    sorry du’s and hspu’s….you got ousted for 90 minutes of yoga today. but we will meet again, sooner than later…

  9. Joylyn :

    Nice pic Dan–you look focused….and you are a badass!
    Damn you DU and HSPU’s–my “Everest” too. Darn this Thursday thing….sometimes.

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